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How to get drunk without drinking – via Derren Brown

The anointing that Brown gives this young man, is the same anointing that many are receiving in our churches today.

Derren Brown –  The so called Messiah Part 3 0f 8.

In Part 1 Brown is headed for the US where he is basicallly unknown and he going to approach people with “paranormal belief systems” to see if he can convince them that he is the real deal. He says that he uses magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection, and showmanship when he is performing. He is going to slay people in the spirit and “convert” them.

There are those who have claimed to be “drunk in the spirit”, or feeling out of control because of the overpowering of the Holy Spirit. But in these videos these people are being “slain” and “intoxicated” by a well-known medium, who admits to be conducting an experiment and posing as someone religious. Brown is an atheist.

Derren Brown – The so called Messiah Part 4 0f 8

These two videos are very interesting to watch in tandem. It is actually difficult to tell if Bentley really knees this man in stomach. I have watched it over and over and I do see his leg lifted, but I am wondering if a different power was transferred to this man to knock him down. A power like the one Derren Brown calls on.

Next watch Derren Brown deliver his “One inch punch.” The effects on the two men are very similar. Remember that Brown is an atheist and does not believe in God.

Why should you be watching these videos clips?  For one thing they show that a spiritualist, can recreate the experiences that are happening in our churches. Why is this?   Simple ….the spirit is the same spirit. A deceiving spirit.

Our churches are being invaded by false, masquerading spirits and we need to educate ourselves about the paranormal/occult world so we can recognize them. Unfortuneately, the deceiver Satan make these experiences pleasant.

From his website:

Derren Brown: Mind Control, with Derren Brown’ quite literally aired. It was an immediate success, and gained Derren a cool, underground kudos which he described as “not enough”.

Mind Controls 2 and 3 followed, then a series, then a brief spell in prison, and then in October 2003 Derren caused an international furore with ‘Derren Brown Plays Russian Roulette Live’. This secured his notoriety with the public and his big apartment in London. “Bristol can shove itself”, he said.

The Seance followed soon after, which was Derren’s first look at the area of spiritualism and paranormal phenomena, and the first show where his intelligent scepticism could be expressed. Derren says of the show, “By now I was properly famous and could pretty much buy whatever I wanted”. Further specials have followed, including ‘Messiah’, which took him undercover to the US to see if leaders in paranormal belief systems would wrongly endorse him as the real thing.

I am unsure that Brian Flynn knows the extent of the service he provided when he wrote, “Running against the Wind.”  The information he shares about Mind Control and TM are really invaluable. He was taught how to access information from the netherworld. The spirits he contacted gave him real life information about the people he was dealing with. The power from the supernatural world is there and available. But Christians are clearly not supposed to delve into this world and access demon power.

At the beginning of this article I quoted Brown about how his magic is done. But there is much more than meets the eye here. Brown is deeply entrenched in the paranormal world and has attained demonic talents. Others videos on his site  demonstrate his ability to convince the bereaved he was communicating with the dead, and he can definitely astral project.

It is no wonder he doesn’t truly explain the source of his abilities because he may not know….or is not telling. But as we compare the demonic abilities against similar abilities being demonstrated in the church, we must sit up and take notice.

NOTE: OCTOBER 30, 2007   The link to the video was changed.  When i watched the new video it was evident that it had been heavily edited and no longer contained some of the quotes below.  The video is now about 3:00 minutes instead of 5:23. 

I have been wondering what the youth’s emerging church really entails.  The description i have been hearing, is this: a dark room, sofas, and candles.  One can imagine that easily enough, but what about their beliefs. Disenchanted with the church, young people are creating their own churches. One has to ask…if people are creating their own churches and tailoring it to their own liking, what will they come up with?  I saw this video on another blog and watched it with interest.  This church is called Solomon’s Porch and  it is youth orientated. So please watch this video called “A Spiritual Revolution”.  Read the quotes i took from the video first and be listening for them while you watch.

I am sorry i could not embed the code for this video but it loads fast. Please watch.. it only lasts 5:23 minutes.

A Spiritual Revolution   note:  (this is the edited version, the original no longer exists)

Here are some quotes from these young people.


” We just knew that the way we had done Christianity all of our lives was no longer a viable option anymore.”

“The issues Jesus would deal with today would be …racism, the environment, it would be globalization, and it would be feeding the masses….it would be these sorts of things.”

“I see the Bible  changing…i do not see it  stagnant and so for us, as a community of Christians to say, we need to believe this one thing and hold it tightly and make sure that it is never questioned?…That is a real waste of energy with all the things we could be doing in the world.”

“I have no agenda to go around and convince people of things they don’t want to be convinced of.  That seems to be the least gracious, kind and loving thing you can do…is go and disturb someone who chooses not to be disturbed. I think places like ours are hope producing for people who are already disturbed and gives them another option.”

“There is no…like..statement of belief at this church or statement of not like a set in stone theology that everyone in this church has to adhere to.”

“I have heard that the kingdom of god is supposed to be like a party house so let’s do communion like a house party.”


While the video did not exhibit any disrespect during their communion, an attitude that diminishes the holy sacrament of communion is definitely a negative. Insinuating that communion is part of a “house party” is degrading to God.

Basically we are seeing a common trend of removing Jesus Christ from the church.  Here at this church they seem to be removing or rejecting authority. But in this process are they removing God’s authority?  I think so.  The young woman who commented that making sure the Bible was never questioned was a waste of energy… this hurt my very soul.

The church wants to make its own rules because they do not like the rules set forth in scripture.  What a convenient belief system.  If you do not like what scripture says, do not want to change your life, do not want to give up sin…well, just say that the Bible is not true or is not relevant today, or how about this…it was written by men. 

I would love to have the stone tablets with the Ten Commandments written by God’s finger, but this is a little impractical for lugging to Bible study. 

All scripture is God breathed. The Holy Spirit inspired the writers to write about God’s Word with perfect accuracy. God only speaks the truth, it is impossible for God to lie. (Hebrews 6:18) The Bible is inerrant, free from error. When in doubt about versions always go to the KJV.

Brian Flynn in his book “Running Against the Wind”, was prepared to stump Dr. Don Bierle who was speaking about his becoming “a Christian after examining the evidence that supports the historical accuracy of the Bible.”

Here is what Brian says on page 81. “At the end of the class, I was impressed but disturbed. I had no idea this type of information existed. I could hardly believe that historical evidence supported the authenticity of the Bible. I had entered this class so confident that I could challenge Dr. Bierle, and he would fold with the well-you-just-have-to-believe line. But I was wrong.  He had the evidence, and all I had was my arrogance.”


[suggested reading]

Surprised by Faith – Dr. Donald A. Bierle

The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? – F. F. Bruce

Evidence That Demands a Verdict – Josh McDowell


Anyway watch this video and check to see if you are exhibiting any of the same attitudes of these young people.

Are you trying to change the Word of God to your liking?

Do you choose not to believe the Holy Bible is truly from God?

Would you like to see the Bible changing to fit your needs?

Do you think it is kinder to not share the Gospel because it may disturb someone?

Do you think there is another way besides repentence of sin and faith in Jesus Christ?

Are you ashamed of the Gospel?

The Apostle Paul says in Romans 1:16 “I am not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.”

Do not be ashamed of God’s Word. Glory in every word. Pray that His Word will speak to your heart and convict you of your sin. Yes…ask…ask for the conviction of your sin and that the Lord will show you what areas in your life need changing.   The Holy Bible is your Owner’s Manual for everything you need to live a life pleasing to the Lord.



What a great book this was!….. It was engaging from the start and filled with important information that the church of today needs to know.

Here is something I learned.

You know those psychics who do readings and know certain things about you? They guess your brothers name or say they know that your grandmothers favorite color was lilac. Often they are right.  Or how about this… they know your boyfriend is going to ask you to marry you.  How does this work? I mean how do they know these things about our personal lives.  Well they don’t know, but others do.

Others? What Others?

The more I learn about contemplative prayer the more alarmed I become.  CP is being introduced into the church in the most subtle of ways at times, then sometimes it seems it is almost flaunted in the church’s face. Both methods of introduction are dangerous. When unbiblical practices are slowly integrated into Christianity people do not seem to notice. When a trusted church leader promotes a new way to worship without questioning it himself, the people just follow. The reason the church doesn’t know enough to question these new practices is that they are not familiar enough with the Bible.

At some point in time, all Christians will have to decide for themselves, whether or not they want to follow this emerging mysticism in our churches today. Willl they even recognize it when it comes upon them? Will there be no personal decisions made because Christians are not even aware these decisions are being made for them behind the scenes? This is the large question looming in my mind.

In his book, “Running against the Wind” Brian Flynn tells the story of a course he took in mind control. It was offered as a way to be a pyschic reader. After six months of preparation and meditations his teacher told the class:

“Starting tonight we will begin to identify and later come to know your spirit guides–the ones who will assist you in your readings. With your eyes closed, imagine an open doorway standing in front of you. Now, silently within your mind, ask the first guide to step in front of the door and reveal him or herself.”

Brian now explains how the spirits emerge:

“At first, as I stared at the doorway, I saw only blackness. Then a moment later, a large figure appeared looking similar to a Viking or medieval soldier. He looked tough, strong and somewhat intimidating….The next to appear was a very meek looking woman with a warm smile. After her there came a smoke-like vapor rising from the floor. (pg.65)

The teacher continued:

“Allow each one to appear before the door so that you become familiar with them…..stop analyzing it all, and just trust your feelings. The more you let go, the more you will be open to the spirit guides’ abilities to teach you what you need to know.” (pg.67)

These are the “others” mentioned earlier.  These are the spirit guides that many have evoked from another spiritual realm by deep meditation and visualization.

How is it that we can rely on God alone if we have “spirit guides” to teach us what we need to know.  The answer is that we will not rely on God or read the Bible for the truth on how to live our lives for the Lord.

We are NOT to delve into this spirit world. It is forbidden in the Bible. Divination is a means for extracting information or guidance from a pagan god which is a demon. Therefore, divination is occult.

What does occult mean? Occult is supernatural or hidden powers that are NOT from God. Seeking information or guidance from this source is dangerous. The New Age is occult through and through and so is ANY means or methods to obtain this occult knowledge.

Here is why this is forbidden. 

Deuteronomy 18:10-12: “There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.  For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD…”

“A consulter with familiar spirits.” Why would we as Christians need to consult with these spirits. WE DO NOT. We have the Holy Spirit. Why in the world would we settle for anything when we already have the real thing. The “others” are counterfeits.

Brian talks about his personal life while all of this is going on:

Rarely a day passed that we didn’t fight about always ended with vicious personal attacks. At times I thought i was losing my mind. I had this feeling of being stirred up like someone else was saying those cruel words to Hailey…Instead I had put all my hopes on the universe or some lucky break that would lead us to wealth…I couldn’t help but feel betrayed by them (spirit guides) though…I trusted them to guide me and they guided me right to bankruptcy court.   (pg 70)

Here Brian talks about a situation when he started truly considering Jesus as the Son of God.

“The voices of my guides were constantly ringing in my head…I had never felt this type of resistance or opposition from my guides……The reason they were resisting me was because they were opposed to Him. They hated Jesus….They did not want me to become a Christian because they were not of God. Satan in his attempt to keep me where I was, revealed who he was…the identity of my guides were revealed.” (pg.84)

Wow! Brian did learn the truth for the Lord opened his eyes.

It is fascinating when someone who has come out of the New Age and who has accepted Jesus Christ as savior, finds similarities in both New Age and Emergent church techniques.

Here is an exerpt:

“If you are not a New Ager but rather a Christian, you may be in for the surprise of your life because this very New Age movement I speak of has and is now infiltrating the Christian church at a rapid and alarming rate. And you can imagine my horror when I left the New Age movement only to find the very same techniques and practices I literally ran from, were waiting patiently for me in the church pews, pulpits and bookstores of the church. Oh, it isn’t called the New Age movement–names have been changed. But as a rose by any other name is just as sweet so too is the New Age movement by any other name just as deviant and dangerous. And there’s a very good chance it has already entered your church, your college and even your home.”  (pg. 89)

Contemplative prayer may sound quite lovely or innocent and in some instances it may be, but if you are reading books by Brian McLaren, Dallas Willard, Richard Foster, Brennan Manning, Matthew Fox, or Tony Campolo, (just to name a few), you may be opening yourself up to deception. Most of these authors all tow-the-line for the mysticism of meditation and use such terms as sacred space, inner space, breath prayer, inner silence, into the silence, be still, turning off the mind, etc.  This list goes on and on. But repetition  of phrases is almost always used, which is just a form of meditation. It is no different than eastern meditation no matter what word is used.

Brian tell us this:

“Jesus told us not to use vain repetitions as…the heathen do. Jesus tell us the heathen who pray this way, do so because they think this type of prayer will more likely be heard and responded to. He then tells us not to be like them because our Heavenly Father already knows what we need before we even ask Him.” (pg. 171)

Contrast this with a quote from Brennan Manning:

“The first step in faith is to stop thinking about God at the time of prayer..Choose a single, sacred word…repeat the sacred word inwardly, slowly, and often.”

Can’t you see what is happening here? Manning is asking you to forget about God and to speak repetitions as the heathen do.  

This next excerpt will be my last as I want you to buy the book and read it for yourself. There is just so much in it….but please ponder this……

“If contemplative prayer or other Eastern practices were sanctioned or blessed by God of the Bible, why are there no stories of any Hindus or Buddists coming to Christ by these methods. Instead we hear of Christians receiving revelations during contemplative prayer that all paths lead to God and that God is in all.” (pg 171)

Good question. It seems that all revelations that are being received by occult means are very similar in nature.  Remember that theosophy or the divine wisdom of the “ascended masters” revealed the same message.  That we are God, that we are divine.  This is most certainly not true.  The Divine One is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Do not open yourself to the occult powers by engaging in occult methods. If you use occult methods expect occult results. All “revelations” need to be compared against God’s word and tested because we are to test these things. These spirit guides are not of God which means they are unholy. At first they will deceive you by their friendly appearance and neutral suggestions. But Brian said they eventually revealed themselves as from Satan. 

Trust in God only. The Son of God is Jesus Christ and you can know Him by simply praying to Him as he taught in the Bible. Once you receive Him into your life by repenting your sin and believing only in Him, you will be indwelled by the Holy Spirit. There is no need to search anywhere else but the Bible. His Word will guide, lead, comfort, and encourage you daily.

I want to thank Brian Flynn for writing this book and for bravely sharing so much of his personal experiences.


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