Sunday evening November 13th 2011 ,Paul Gowdy appeared on Brazilian television warning the church of a false anointing. He had the opportunity to do a special interview for Rede Record TV Network. You will also hear from Andrew Strom on this tv program.

Please watch. Most of it is in Portuguese. Come in at about 20 minutes for a shorter version.

This is Google translastion of a local Brazilian website: (Sorry about the oddities that occur during translation)

Founder of the chain that folds down in the spirit makes the unprecedented revelations “Record”. Entrevista foi ao ar neste Domingo Espetacular, dia 13 de novembro 2011. Interview aired on Sunday Spectacular, November 13, 2011.

 Paul Gowdy, one of the founders of the chain that preaches fanerose, a practice that became popularly known in Brazil as the fall in the spirit or bandeau,’re sorry.  This year, after passing through a hospital and almost dying from a blood clot in the leg which affected the lungs and heart, he decided to break the silence and launch a warning about what helped spawn.

In an exclusive interview with “Rede Record” and a letter, she says, it took nine years to be able to write, he showed regret and said that, contrary to what has always defended the fall in the spirit never was a manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

 “I believe that Satan has used this experience to blind people on the historical doctrines of God, in which the fruit grows next to a life of repentance,” he wrote.

 In the “Record”, Gowdy went further.  After leaving the hospital, said he believes God saved him so he could grant the interview and thus warn of the error in which he believed for a long tim

 The statements were broadcast on Sunday evening (13), in a special report produced by the program Sunday Spectacular.  Besides listening to one of the founders of this chain, the program team also visited temples in which followers fall, laugh and roll on the floor.  The practice has many fans in Brazil and is gaining traction. According to neurologists and psychologists interviewed by “Record”, this is a phenomenon linked to the induction, influenced by the music and the speeches of the preachers.

 Gowdy sees “the action of lying spirits” and warns of the risk of being influenced. He says that “watching people act like animals, barking, growling, cackling, pretending to fly, as if they had wings, behaving like drunken men, chanting meaningless,” and now finds himself “flabbergasted to think that accepted it as manifestations of the Holy Spirit. “

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