What is the Third Eye and why should Christians know about it.

First let’s look at Wikipedia:

The 3rd or Inner Eye  – A metaphysical opening which refers to the 6th chakra (brow), that leads to higher consciousness. A new age symbol of enlightenment.

Okay… so the Third Eye is a psychic ability connected to the occult. defines occult as knowledge of secret or supernatural powers, beyond the the range of ordinary senses, or secret/hidden information only available to the initiated.

Next we need to know how one “opens” this Third Eye. The main way that one opens himself up to the spirit realm, is through meditation.  It is through meditation that one achieves an altered state of consciousness. Constantly you will find that meditation, or the emptying of one’s mind,  is the doorway to all metaphysical activity.

Back to the 6th chakra.  The chakras usually relate to yoga, but not always.  The 6th chakra in yoga is the brow.  When kundalini (serpent power) rises to the the brow, there is enlightenment that is characterized by light. Those using yoga as a means of enlightenment get results by meditation, forced breathing patterns and using unnatural positions to force the power at the base of the spine upwards with the crown chakra as the main goal.

Another way enlightenment occurs is through meditation and visualization.  Certain techniques are used to “see” and direct the serpent power up the spine through the chakras (nerve centers/wheels).

Here is another description.  The kundalini rises and then goes into the brain and then down into the pituitary gland which awakens the pineal gland. When they meet there is union.  This is an initiation of the birth of passage into another dimension and beyond. This is supposed to cause an explosion of light.

The third eye is also known as:

The middle eye of Shiva in Buddhism.

In Hinduism it is the eye of clairvoyance. This Hindus wear the Tilak. The red spot between the brows.  When I was researching my Goddess Worship post, I looked at a link, describing Christian women who have been applying the red spot on their forehead and worshiping each other’s divinity.

In Egypt it is known as The Eye of Horus or the Eye of Osiris.

In Freemasonry, it is the All Seeing Eye.  The same one that is found on our one dollar bill. This All Seeing Eye is surrounded by light.

But the eye usually means the same…esoteric knowledge that man so desires. This eye represents the passing  into a spiritual world than man has no business entering. It is forbidden because it will deceive and oppress.

In Genesis 3:5-7  For God doth know..then your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as Gods…knowing Good and Evil….And the eyes of them both opened.

The Hebrew word for eyes is not plural but singular so what the serpent said was that their eye would be broadened by knowledge.  Scripture here is not talking about the physical organ but the eye of the soul.

So for today…opening yourself up or opening your third eye is the same.  It is opening a gate between two worlds.  Meditation is a sure way of accomplishing this opening up of yourself especially through Contemplative prayer.  This is simply meditation masked with Christian terminology. The fear that accompanies entrance into deep meditative levels is there for a reason…it is a warning from God.

I have been reading a manual for opening the third eye from, “The Awakening of the Third Eye” by Samuel Sagan.

It immediately states that meditation is not for relaxation, and that the third eye is the gate that leads within.

Here are some quotes:

“Developing the third eye is a direct way of expanding your conscious universe and discovering your essential values, so that you may fathom your own mystery.” (page 13)

“Suppose an angel comes to you, truly. If you have been trying to visualize angels every morning for a few months how will you know whether it is a true angel or one that you made up…The real problem is, once these visions come to you, how to discern what is real from what is a fancy of the mind” [page 18]

     [I thought this was very interesting..he was acknowledging that visualization created  visions from your own making]

“You see the universe and it’s finality completely different…It is not what you believe or what you have read that will change your spiritual is what you can experience directly.” [page 18]

      [See how a change of worldview is suggested here and the Bible eliminated]

“Whenever there is a vibration or a light, there is a being behind it” (page 160)

      [The Bible tells us that Satan comes as a white light]

“What to do with an angel? Let its glory become alive in you…to worship a god first you have to become a god.” (page 161)

      [How many times have we seen this? Almost all communications from the spirit world tell us that we are as gods, just like the serpent in Genesis]

“This tragedy is quite common. There are many people who seem to be desperate for spiritual progress. They go on crying ‘I wish God could help me’…and if you look above them, what can you see? Guides and angels who keep whispering ‘Please tune into us, please receive our light‘…If these people could tune in, they would immediately receive a shower of spiritual gifts.”  (page 185)

     [Light? We already know what the “light” is in the metaphysical world. It is Satan. And this shower of  spiritual gifts?..hmmm..]

2 Corinthians 11:14  And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

Have you ever read the prophecies of those on the Elijah list? Have you ever had someone tell you that they have a continual conversation with God throughout the day? Have you listened to those who proclaim to the world that their visions are from God? Have you ever heard a prophet say that he could forgive your sins for you? Have you ever heard a TV evangelist say that “I am a God”?  Have you ever attended a meeting where the “spiritual” gifts are so numerous that chaos erupts?

I do believe that spiritual gifts are available to us today for the edification of the church…I also believe that many are the products of divination, and are false.  We have to discern what is God’s truth and what is man’s truth. The Bible is the deciding factor.

Is it possible that some Christians and some who claim to be Christian have opened themselves up to demonic forces and truly believe they are hearing from God, but are not? YES! That spirit guides and angels you have summoned from another metaphysical realm are holy? NO! They are not holy.

In a world that is giving way to a New Age, a new spiritual mysticism, we have to, as Christians, discern what is from God and what is not. We are to test the spirits.

I John 4:1   Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

I beg of not practice anything that is at all similar to eastern meditation. Meditation is the common factor to all metaphysical and ungodly methods. If you have ….stop and repent…..ask God’s forgiveness.

The goal of the New Age is to unite all religions.  Hold strong onto your faith in Jesus Christ. I know many reject this but…. He is indeed THE ONLY WAY.

John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

Also remember that Satan is a great counterfeiter and deceiver.  He imitates the things of Christ. Satan is not the light. The Lord Jesus Christ is.

So this verse bears repeating.

2 Corinthians 11:14  And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light .

Pray daily that the Lord will give you discernment in these last days of great deception. Discern the light of the world, Jesus, from the counterfeit light of Satan’s enlightment. Many caught up in this spiritual deception and false system are experiencing the darkest time in their lives. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks seem to be common factors among those who have crossed over into this forbidden world. Those dark spirits who follow you do so because you invited them.

Jesus Christ demonstrated His power over the demonic world. Only He can cast out those dark spirits.  Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ who triumphed over Satan and sin on the cross. He rose again. He is our Savior and will cleanse us from sin and fill us with the Holy Spirit. Faith is trust. Trust in Him.