March 28th, 2011

I no longer teach in the BSF program but I was very blessed to be part of this wonderful program for three years.The  BSF children’s program strived to teach truth to the children about biblical concepts and did not try to merely entertain them. I have never met a more dedicated and godly group of women.

I did leave BSF for other reasons, which is discussed in some of the other articles. The executive branch would not publicly address the issued raised by others concerned about new age and emergent books recommended in their newsletter and the scripture taken from “The Message.”  “The Message” is not a bible but a paraphrase written by universalist Eugene Peterson who has alarmed many in discernment circles by his unbiblical writings and endorsement of the heretical book, “The Shack.”


I am a children’s leader in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and this will be my third year teaching, and my seventh year overall. This year we will be studying The Book of John. September 2009 – May 2010.

The extent of this program to teach the Bible to the children is quite amazing. The  children’s BSF program consists of 5 parts.  We start in assembly for hymns and prayer. First in the class we have the discussion of questions and answers of the Bible passage we are studying, then we have Discovery or Homiletics which is a fun way of learning  Bible truths and applying them. Next we give the the Bible lesson itself from scripture.  The last activity varies according to the age group. The younger children are usually playing a verse memorization game. For the older children, we have Basic Truths or The Atttributes of God.

I am amazed at the quality of the lessons that are provided for these children. If you have ever participated in BSF then you may know that the lessons for the children are almost the same as the adults. The only difference is that the lesson is age appropriate. The basic principles that are taught for the Bible passage are the same as the adults.

The goal of the children’s program is to  bring families together through mutual study of the Bible, to teach children the Word of God and encourage them to love and serve Him, and apply the principles in their daily lives. BSF  is meant to supplement Christian teaching in the home and the  church, not replace it.  A parent cannot drop off the child on class night. Both have to be in attendance.

We spent a lot of time just on the safety of the children.   There are ALWAYS two adults with the children. The same person who dropped off the child has to pick him/her up.  This is the same procedure for all age groups, 1st grade through high school. So you can see the importance that is placed on your child’s safety while they are in our care.

I previously attended BSF as an enrolled participant  and have been amazed at the wonderful staff and the dedicated discussion leaders who head up each group of ladies when they separate for the discussion groups. Every year my love grows for our teaching leader and know her as a true and loving servant of the Lord.

What an honor and joy it is to be able to work with these women whom I highly appreciate. Surely, I am not worthy….so I am extremely humbled to be offered such an opportunity to serve my Maker and teach children the Word of God.