The Zohar Speaks ( the original video) Spoken by Jonathan Cahn, author of “The Harbinger.”

I am posting this transcription because of confusion created by the SECOND video of the same name.


“I found it in the mystical writings, Jewish writing of the Zohar..

The Rabbis are writing of the redemption of the world, with Messiah coming. They speak of life from the dead, they speak of the resurrection , the resurrection of the world. The resurrection of the dead and redemption of the world. And they speak, they say it all will come, the power of all this miracle of all…this will come from a sacred thing, a sacred place and this place, this thing where the mercy of God is stored, all the mercy of God pours out from this place and that is where all the resurrection will come, all the blessings come from this place, this thing.

What is it? Very strange. They call it the Gulgalta, this holy mystical thing. From the Gulgalta comes redemption of the world …from the Gulgalta comes life from the dead. From the Gulgalta is all…is mercy of God poured out to the world, the forgiveness of God is given from Gulgalta. Salvation comes from Golgatha.

What is Gulgalta.? In aramaic it is simply the word for Golgatha. (clapping)

The Rabbis are saying that all the mercy of God comes from Golgatha.

This is amazing.

From Golgatha the place that he died.. Calgary means the place of the skull. They got it all confused…it’s an incredible mystical thing, the holy spirit of God got in there, it just got in there..they speak about a skull and they ..and all the mercy of God is linked to a skull, It doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t make any sense at all from all this comes, drips salvation..resurrection. For all the forgiveness of God on it you have to go to Golgatha.

Why on earth would the rabbis, put it in there. it makes no sense at all except that God just slipped it in.

The rabbis are saying ‘From Gulgalta is all the mercy of God you could ever need…. From Gulgalta the forgiveness of donai is poured out to the world. From Gulgalta comes the redemption of the universe.”.. This is from Rabba Zohar 1, 28b.

In the Gulgalta sit thousands of myriads of worlds. And from the Gulgalta drips dew and the dew fills the world and the dead will awakenin the world to come as the dew comes forth. The dew is the lights of the Ancient One. The light of the Ancient One comes from Gulgalta and asit touches the dead come to life. From Gulgalta is the light of God bringing life from the dead…” Whoa. (4:31)
The death of Messiah, all point us in time and space…The prophet Daniel zeroes in on the time mathematically..70 times 7. The Rabbis in the Bood of Mode sp? unwittingly give the name of it. Gulgalta. Moses zeroed in on the place. And now the very hill, the very place here in, the rabbinical writings of the Zohar, unwittingly give the name of it, Gulgalta, the center of everything.

Listen to the rabbis.