This is a study of what is currently going on in our churches.  It was not too long ago that my past pastor stood on the altar and told our congregation that she endorses a book on good and evil.  She was not talking about the Bible she was referring to the new Harry Potter book that was just released.

“You won’t find any prophecy books on my bookshelf……. The book of Revelation is irrelevant”.

These jaw-dropping statements started my journey of research into the apostasy of the current church. I no longer attend this church or one that has a female pastor.

I wish to share stories with you and hope that you will keep a watch yourself as the days of deception increase.  The deception is not new. It started at the Garden of Eden when Satan tempted Eve with “Your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as God”

Do not seek to “be as God”.  Seek humility!