Harry, Yoda, and Yoga

Marsha West
August 2, 2007

Quicker than you can say “Quiddich,” a wizard’s broomstick rocketed to the sky and inscribed a smoke trail message for all the world to see… Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows…has arrived! The long-awaited book was released at the stroke of midnight on July 21, putting an end to the suspense. The Potterites, under Harry’s spell for 10 years, now know his fate.

Parents waited in long lines with their youngsters for hours on end so that little Danielle would have first crack at reading the seventh and final book in J. K. Rowling’s phenomenally successful Harry Potter series.

…….Parents who have studied occult literature in order to better understand it should by all means talk to their kids about the Potter books and explain why they’re not permitted to read them, if that’s their decision. The dangers of the occult should not be glossed over. Tell it like it is.

…….Emerging Church leaders boast “a movement from the moral to the mystical is necessary.” To that end, contemplative (centering) prayer is now marketed to Christians around the globe. Who are these Emergents?

What exactly is contemplative prayer? “As it is expressed in a modern day movement is mystically (i.e. based on a technique or method) in which one empties the mind of thought through repetition, usually of a word or phrase or focus on the breath. In this case the silence would be an absence of thought, all thought.” [4]

Some call CP the “silence.” But why not call it what it is? Yoga meditation! [5]


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Parents or teachers  who are concerned about the occult influences in children’s lives today need to read:

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