There are many who are unaware of the New Age Movement and do not know how to even detect the signs of this spreading belief system. Yes…belief system.  This is truly dangerous because ALL people are being directly affected today.

What are some of the beliefs of New Age philosophy.

1.  God is All. God is in All. We are therefore God-like.

2. We can achieve transformation of self to a higher enlightenment.

3. If we unite and share the same belief system there can be peace in this world.

4. We are not accountable to anyone but ourselves.

5. There is no such thing as sin. Therefore we are not in need of forgiveness.

6. Being spiritual is based in mysticism and its techniques.

7. All religions lead to God.

8. Your spiritual life is based on feelings and emotions.

9. There is a higher knowledge available to the spiritual elite.

10. Humans can attain perfection and are divine.

11. Evil is a misperception of reality.

12. All judgments and values are relative… not truth.

13. Change is always good.

14. Jesus was a good man and prophet but not the Son of God.

This list is not exhaustive by any means and there are many facets to each belief. But  you may be thinking, Hey….none of these things have affected me or family and friends.   Well….Let’s see. 

Have you joined a “green” movement to save the earth?

Do you know anyone who participates in Yoga, acupunture, or therapeutic massage?

Have you or a friend ever purchased a crystal to wear or dangle from your rearview mirror,  or a message rock to keep in your pocket?

Do you read your horoscope or put any stock in your “sign”?

Ever used a Ouija board?

Joke about having the “Force” in Star Wars?

Ever seen anyone use a divining rod?

How about the pendulum over a pregnant women’s stomach at a baby shower to see if it is girl or a boy?

Tarot Cards?

Have you ever been asked to do any practice with meditation or visualizaion at a  seminar at work?

Do you know anyone who has tried one of the spells performed by Harry Potter in his books or movies?

Ever had your palm read?…Fortune read by a Medium?

Have you studied Feng Shui in a room setting for universal life energy?

Have you ever spelled out the word “witch” with your muffin crumbs?  (just kidding)

Let’s see…what else….tea leaf reading, numerology, ESP, psychic powers, spirit guides, scrying, ball gazing, auras, astrology, omen interpretation, runes, astral travel… yep,..all occult.

It is my belief that the church is responsible for preparing Christians for the end time deceptions.  All faiths will be accepted into the New Age One World Religion except Christianity. Why? Because of Jesus and who He really is, the Son of God, the only way to the Father.  So what are the differences between the New Age and Christianity?


 The New Age teaches that enlightenment is the way to salvation.

Christianity teaches that grace and faith in Jesus Christ is our salvation.


The New Age teaches that there are many ways to God.

Christianity teaches that there is only one way, through Jesus Christ.


The New Age teaches that you are reincarnated till you get it right.

Christianity teaches that man dies once and then will be judged.


The New Age teaches that Jesus was a good man, a prophet.

Christianity teaches that Jesus is the Son of God.


The New Age teaches that the second coming is happening within all who are enlightened.

Christianity teaches that Jesus will physically come to earth again in judgment.


The New Age teaches that the Bible is wrong and needs to be corrected.

Christianity teaches that the Word is inerrant and that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


The New Age teaches that sin doesn’t exist.

Christianity teaches that if we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves.


The New Age teaches a new way to pray with chanting and eastern meditation.

Christianity teaches we are to use a prayer like the Lord’s prayer, as Jesus taught us, and not use vain repetitions.


The New Age teaches that pleasures are here to be taken and this is our purpose.

Christianity teaches that our purpose is to give God glory.


To those around you who may be involved in the New Age/Emergent church: Pray for them, study the Word so you can present the truth, be kind..loving and patient.. and tell them what the Lord has done in your life. Be a godly example and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Ask Him to fill you with the Holy Spirit who will give you the words you need to say.  If you stumble it is okay….just remember,

Isaiah 55:11. ” So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and acheive the purpose for which i sent it.” 


ps –  don’t ever let your mother-in-law see those muffin crumbs.