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 I should have seen it coming….

Chiropractic – the adjustment of the vertebrae in the spine 

Chakras –  the gateways or centers of spiritual power located on the spinal column


A reader informed me of a new danger in the health field, Network Chiropractic or Network Spinal Analysis. NSA has evolved from chiropractic and it has some mystical new twists. The spine is now considered “a conduit of consciousness”.  NSA was developed by Dr. Donald Epstein, a chiropractor from Colorado.  Apparently Dr. Epstein discovered   “Spinal Gateways” (hmm…chakras maybe?) running along the spinal cord. Also he discovered that these gateways run from the tailbone up to the bottom of the skull. What else did he discover? He found that the spinal gateways lead to the front part of the brain awakening the brain’s cortex causing profound changes in the body.  Sounds like kundalini serpent power running up the spine through the chakras and enlightenment to me…!! 

Read this article about Network Chiropractic:

During Network Spinal Analysis™ (NSA) care two “healing waves” develop which are unique to Network. One is a breathing wave that releases tension throughout the spine and body and relaxes a person. The other is called a somatopsychic (or body-mind) wave, which is associated with a dolphin type undulation or movement of the spine. These waves are related to a significant increase in wellness and quality of life. Once people experience these Network “healing” waves, they tend to make healthier choices. Suddenly the exercise, diet, supplements, meditation or prayer that may have been resulting in minimal wellness benefits increased in effectiveness. Saying it differently, people in Network care, who experience these waves often double their perceived wellness. As these “healing waves” progress along a person’s spine it revitalizes, energizes, and helps the body to self correct distortions of alignment and posture. They move “stuck energy” and are a resource of new energy and vitality. Vertebra of the spine spontaneously realign as one of the by products.

This video is named Riding the Kundalini Dragon and it shows how the energy is being directed through the body and its effect. The video is not from a network chiropractor but a yoga studio. They are calling this procedure Breath and Touch which serves as an entry point into an altered state in which the mind-body system processes and releases the stress or emotional blocks.


While watching a short video from a Network Chiropractor in San Diego  i noticed that the body movement of the patient was exactly the same as those in the yoga studio video.  I do not know how to embed this video so please click on the  below link to compare with the above video. 


******update November 2008 – it looks as though the above video has been removed from it’s site, if i can relocate the video i will fix the link – thanks, kim *********

The rippling effect of the body is also the same as those under kundalini serpent power.  These kundalini manifestations are now being relabeled as “healing waves”. This healing is not of God…is this healing worth the risk? 

I scanned various NAS websites, and the names sounded like this…The New Wave Chiropractic, Ride the River, Esprit Healing Center, Care Wave, Healing Wave…..These offices are sporting a new look, a new name and carry a dangerous spiritual message.

Here is a list of awakened kundalini manifestations from Swami Nityananda (Kundalini Yoga Guru) : trembling, shaking, uncontrolled speaking, weeping/crying, uncontrollable laughing, altered consciousness, elation, feelings of electricity….waves of bliss.

Now i want to relate a list of manifestations from the Pensacola/Toronto outbreaks.  Spasms, tremors, shaking, spontaneous trance states, holy laughter,  energy rushes, and involuntary body movements.

When reading about Network Chiropractic from the EastWestHealth website i read some interesting statements from a patient and a chiropractor.

“When the tension of stored emotional stress is released, people often express it by laughing or crying.  For example, after one patient’s second adjustment she went home and was laughing for two hours..”

“When I get adjusted I feel my mind become completely still, and I feel much more attuned with my heart”

“What always amazes me is that you touch me so gently, like with one fingertip that I can barely feel, and then these powerful waves of energy start traveling up and down my spine and bringing everything into alignment.”

“It always shocks people what profound changes happen from such a light touch. The light touch is like tuning a guitar; it gives the proper vibration for good harmony. Information travels in waves so when we “tune” the spinal cord we can experience our own inner rhythm.”

These two statements are alarming:

“As one persons spine releases, it actually helps release the spines of other people in the room.”

“It’s the phenomenon which researchers have found the most astonishing about Network. They watch Donald Epstein adjust someone and then point to the person on the next table: the second person’s spine is visibly unwinding and he is not even touching them. It’s community healing, and it shows how we are all connected on a very deep level.”

Dr. Epstein has something in common with Rodney Howard-Brown, Benny Hinn and Swami Nityanada; they are all distributors of the power: (kundalini, shakti, fire, anointing) Kundalini awakening can be imparted  by…light touch on the body or forehead, by pointing to someone, or just laying one’s hands on someone.

There are many obvious relationships between Network Chiropractic, Yoga, Eastern Mysticism, and the false spiritual anointings of today.  When we see a chiropractor merely point to a patient, who then starts manifesting with kundalini signs, we need to question where this power is coming from and what is actually happening to the patient. When a doctor or a patient will not question why a second patient automatically manifests without being touched or refers to the undulating spine as “unwinding” from stress….i despair at the deception.

This power is demonic because it is metaphysical in nature, so it is unbiblical for the Christian to participate in this type of activity. It is imperative to understand that the Hindu term  kundalini translates into “serpent power”. Meditation and yoga positions pushes this power at the base of the spine up working its way snake-like, through the chakras or gateways.  In Network Chiropractic the chiropractor has attained the ability to pass this serpent power onto others with only a simple touch.  I cannot begin to tell you how dangerous this is.  Patients who are treated by a Network Chiropractor are in danger of allowing a demonic presence to enter their body.  The “waves of bliss” are deceptive. Satan does not show himself as a demon, he shows himself as an angel of light, deceiving all who will fall into his false spiritual trap.

May the Lord protect his own who may unknowlingly walk into one of these offices for treatment. I have no problem with getting standard adjustments, but whenever a health practitioner begins to talk “spiritually”… immediately question the procedures.

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