Many of us have been researching and keeping an eye on Rick Warren. His background reveals connections with C. Peter Wagner, a self-proclaimed apostle, and new-age and self-help guru Robert Schuller, for starters.

When a root is nourished by contaminated water, it will grow into a poisonous plant. Now we are seeing the true fruit of Rick Warren and it is on display for all to see and hear. ” He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

On Rick Warren’s Health Seminar.

 From m’kayla’s korner comes this very important article about Rick Warren.

I was very happy to find a testimony from someone who had first hand knowledge of the goings on at this seminar. It is so important to the church that we get the truth out there. Please pay attention if you still think Warren is a Christian. This is only one thing he has his hand in. There are others and he is proving to be quite dangerous.  Thanks to Jennifer, Ponderings from Patmos.  For Reference See Weight Loss at All Costs and A Purpose  Driven Whatever


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