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September 15, 2013

My name is Michael.   I am in my late 50s at the time I’m writing this, and until almost 5 years ago I had spent nearly 20 years heavily involved in witchcraft.    Where did it all begin?  Well, I think that I can go back to my late childhood and early teens.   I remember reading books on mythology and any other materials on the supernatural , psychic powers, witches that I could lay my hands on.  Of course I read every copy of FATE magazine I could find and when I watched programs like BEWITCHED, I wished that I could have magickal powers.    I started finding books on witchcraft and devoured them.  I tried many spells, but never got them to work .  I think part of the reason is that as a teenager I was scatter brained and had little discipline…certainly not the kind to get spells to work.  And by the way, yes they do work.   As I learned later in life when I was an adult and totally committed myself to witchcraft.   My high school yearbook (Notre Dame High, Cambridge MA 1972) had the note under my picture “practices witchcraft?”   Over the years in my adolescence I studied and read every book I could find, and when I couldn’t afford a book I would go to the bookstores in Harvard Square and go through them, trying to memorize what I could and going home and writing it all down. Well, after high school I went to a communications college in Boston and it was then that I first heard the gospel and committed my life to Christ.  I forsook witchcraft and followed after Him, but again, I lacked discipline and concentration.   However, I was following Him.   After graduating from college with a degree in broadcasting and journalism I worked at a variety of jobs, mostly lived at home and things were going well.   It was during this time that I watched a PBS special bout religions in America, and one was about Pentecostalism.   They mentioned the Assemblies of God, and I agreed with what they believed in.   There was a tiny Assemblies of God church nearby and so I began attending church there.

In 1975 I made what was probably the biggest mistake of my life… I got married and it was for all the wrong reasons.   She and I decided to get married because we were hanging out together and everyone else we knew were getting married.   There was nothing in the line of love…and so for fifteen years we were totally miserable with each other.   And now, almost 40 years later I sit and ask myself “what was I thinking?”   After fifteen years and many serious issues, we broke apart permanently.    The best thing of that entire time is the fact that I have a wonderful, beautiful 30 year old daughter from the marriage, and she has made me a grandfather.

But before I get into how I ended up involved in the occult, let me go on.   In 1978 I joined the Air Force, where I spent over 13 years in service to the country.   Military life is tough on the best of marriages, and brought out some of the worst in ours.  However, I continued following the Lord and she did so too, though to a far less degree.   In the years I served the Lord in a number of capacities.  I’ve been a Sunday School teacher, music leader and worship leader, an announcer on a Christian radio station (WPSM, 91.1 FM Fort Walton Beach), and ultimately, while a member of a Pentecostal Church of God church in Florida was asked by the pastor to pray about becoming a minister in the denomination and coming alongside to minister with him.   And so, I did and in time completed the tenure and studies required to become a licensed minister in the Pentecostal Church of God.


In 1989 it all seemed to come apart at the seams.   I was assigned to Thule Air Base, Greenland which was the most difficult assignment I ever had (although I loved the beauty there).   I felt disillusioned with the Air Force for their assignment there (originally I was to go elsewhere, they switched me).  Meanwhile, my marriage which was already crumbling began to implode on itself and we decided to divorce.   Now, in the Pentecostal Church of God, ministers are not allowed to retain their credentials if they divorce for any other reason than the other partner being unfaithful.   That wasn’t the case… and so I was there… disillusioned with the military, my marriage broken irretrievably and having to give up the one thing I felt was going good…my ministerial license.   And, instead of drawing closer to God I did the opposite.  I blamed Him…He was after all in control of all things.   And finally, I decided in a pique of anger at Him to just walk away.   I cursed Him and decided I was going to go right back to witchcraft and the occult that I’d come out of years before.

The years 1989 – 2009 were a time of darkness.   It didn’t seem so, but now in retrospect I see how much darkness I was in and engaged in.   I joined a school of witchcraft and worked hard to be initiated.   Though it did not have formal covens, I found groups and covens to work and worship with, especially after I returned home from the military (I left in 1991) and back to the Boston area where there were many wiccan/pagan groups, a variety of bookstores and occult supply stores, and of course Salem which was a mecca for witches (actually a money trap).    In that time I worked a lot as a solitary witch, performing rituals and spells alone, but I also worked with a variety of traditions and groups.   Ultimately, I came in contact with Silver Ravenwolf, who is a very well known author of books on witchcraft.   Although her books were filled with what some consider “fluff” because it was marketed to the masses, she also had an organization of over 13 covens across the United States and Canada following traditional British witchcraft.   I wanted this and after meeting with her and she learned that I’d been initiated through the Church of Wicca she invited me to join her tradition – the Black Forest Clan as an elevated elder… 3d degree.  And that is where I spent the last eight plus years in the craft.    I began a home study group which met every other week and soon I had others who wanted to follow the Black Forest Clan path and become initiated, and so that became my focus.  In time I trained many individuals.   At least one reached the third degree which is the highest level.   Several others reached second degree, and there were always a few first degrees and dedicants working their way up the ladder.    In 2007, Silver decided to decentralize the Black Forest Clan and almost all of the third degree witches in her tradition became “Clan Heads”…that is leaders of their own autonomous group.    Now, with my own coven and my daughter coven which was run by the member who had attained the third degree I was the Clan Head for all of Massachusetts and running two covens… my own coven near Boston and overseeing my student’s coven near Worcester.

BUT GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

God wasn’t finished with me.   Throughout my time in the craft, I always had been drawn to the teachings of Jesus…and incorporated them into my ethics spiritually.   Around 2007 or 2008 I was scanning through late night television and found some teachings by a woman minister… and it wasn’t your usual fluff religious broadcasting.   Her teachings were intellectual and cerebral and she explored the scriptures using the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek languages… and this appealed to me.. and I found myself looking for her programming.

Long story short, the Lord was already working on my heart preparing to bring me back home to Him.

After some time, I was invited to attend Calvary Chapel North Shore… and when I asked whether it wsa associated with the Calvary Chapels founded by Pastor Chuck Smith the person who invited me said “yes”.   I talked to my wife and we decided to go on Easter Sunday… and that’s when the Lord grabbed us.

We entered and felt like the ceiling would cave in, but it was nice.   We stood there, not recognizing any of the songs… feeling a little uncomfortable but the message was powerful… and the people very friendly.   And so we decided to go back the next week.

During the following days, my wife and I also had talked about feeling that we should leave witchcraft behind… we were no longer happy serving the gods and goddesses of the pagan paths… and we both were felling drawn towards the Lord.   So, the next Sunday we went.   And Pastor Matt was teaching from the book of Mark.  (Calvary Chapels seldom do topical preaching…they teach the entire bible, book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse).   And he was teaching from the ninth chapter about the rich young ruler.   And it was going well.  Then he told the church to turn with him to Acts in the 17th chapter.   And he began teaching about Paul on Mars Hill in Athens… where they had altars to every imaginable god and goddess… and one to the god who wasn’t known.  


Wow!  This was amazing to us.   We were thinking about leaving a religion that worshipped and served multiple gods and goddesses!    Then Pastor Matt read the verse where Paul told the people “you are entirely too superstitious!” and where Paul then exhorted the Athenians declaring who the true God was… the crucified one…the buried one…the resurrected one…Jesus Christ.

He had **NO** way of knowing that he had two witches in his auditorium that day, nor that we had been thinking about leaving witchcraft and coming to Jesus for salvation.   Needless to say, at the end of the message he announced he would pray with anyone who needed prayer.   The worship team walked quietly up to the platform and when he asked if anyone needed prayer to come forward, my wife and I went hand in hand to the front and prayed for salvation.

The main point of this story is that God is faithful…even though I was not. It is true that I spent 20 years in witchcraft, and spiritually, had reached the pinnacle.  I was a clan head for a tradition, elevated to elder in the religion and running two covens.     But THAT is not the greatest thing here… the greatest thing is that the Lord showed mercy and received me back… and that He now allows me to walk with Him and learn of Him and serve Him.

My name is Michael Morton.   And I used to be a witch.  But today, I am born again and walk beside the Shepherd of my soul…the one who died for me, is risen again, and is coming again in glory…the one before I gladly bow my knee and who’s name I gladly confess…that Jesus Christ is my Lord.

After scouring the articles about Christians and Halloween, I decided to post this one from :

FOR THE AUTHOR – Taken from this highly recommended website

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well, Hallowe’en is over for another year. It is a day, as a Christian, that I typically ignore. My sensible parents never allowed us to participate in the event other than to deposit gospel tracts in the bags of the candy-beggars. (My daddy was a pastor). We always had a great time, though, rounding up various unused items from the household (old belt buckles, other stuff we didn’t want) and added them to their bags of goodies, hooting with glee as we closed the door behind the unsuspecting trick-or-treaters. It continues to be a day that we don’t acknowledge other than as a pagan holiday. It always seemes to weird to me when people greet each other with “Happy Hallowe’en”! Happy? HAPPY!!? Scary, silly, or even devilish would be a more appropriate adjective to describe the event. It troubles me to think of what is going on behind the closed doors of the growing number of Wiccans, earth-worshippers and Satanists on that day. I hear their numbers are growing rapidly as people are turning away from the living God to worship created things. A lot of physical and sexual abuse is taking place behind those closed doors. It was interesting and informative to watch a television show on VisionTV yesterday talking about the true origins of Hallowe’en. They didn’t make any bones about its pagan past and its pagan present, speaking of its growth in popularity throughout North America.

Well, enough rambling. I found a good article about the issue that I thought I would pass on. “What is This? Christians Celebrating Halloween?” written Ray Gano of Prophezine, likens it to the act of adultery, or flirting with an old boyfriend after geting married. If you and your family are still “celebrating” Hallowe’en, you need to reconsider doing that, and ask yourself if it brings honor to Christ.


This is another situation where the Lord  put me into a witnessing and learning experience.

pictures: wiccan symbol    earth – water – wind – fire   with the upright pentagram

This is a revised article originally posted 7/7/07.

I went into a business I frequent knowing that the owner Marilyn, is a Wiccan and calls herself a witch.  Well, I noticed that she had filled a bookcase with books about witchcraft and casting spells. Also she had posted a sign on her counter “Wicca 101”. Please sign up for classes.

I said something to her young employee about staying away from the evil books, who in turn said something to Marilyn. She left me a letter at the counter and here is a portion of it.


“I practice the Old Religion that dates back over 30,000 years when humans cherished the planet and what She provides to sustain life.  We honor, respect and love not only the masculine god but the feminine Goddess in all Her aspects.  We honor and call upon the Arch Angels for assisance and protection whenever we are doing healing work or spiritual ceremonies. We honor the seasons, our planet, the elements that give us life; Mother Earth, Fire, Water, Air.”

“In Wicca, there are many different, eclectic practices…none of which include the Christian bad-guy Satan.  Satan ONLY exists in Christianity…you will not find him in other religions.  From what i have learned over the years those that are against Christianity take the opposite polarity and honor the negave of Christianity…known as Satan.  For us, he doesn’t exist at all and we have nothing to do with anyone that does.  This is not because we “believe in him”, it’s because we know there are negative influences and energies of the universe which are not to be tapped into.”


There is something about dealing with witchcraft  in your very own neighborhood that makes these issues so close to your heart and so suddenly real. When a local pastor endorsed the new “Harry Potter” book as a good example of good and evil, I was stunned.

Okay, I needed help with this situation.  I wrote Marilyn a letter but first emailed it to a friend David Lowe (  who strengthened the repentance message and basically revamped the letter, much to its improvement.

Here is part of it.


Your take on Satan is interesting.  Those who adhere to biblical teachings believe that Satan has an influence over ALL other religions. Whether the god worshiped is Baal, Osiris, Brahma, Shiva, Sophia, Kali, Eros, Adonis, Gaia, etc., II Cor. 4:4 describes this evil influence as the “god of this world,” who has blinded the minds of those who do not believe in Jesus Christ as Lord. These gods and goddesses are personifications of life forces or manifestations, but in reality those worshiping them are worshiping demons- unclean evil spirits.  The Bible states so in Revelation 9:21 when it says”humanity…did not repent of the works of their hands. so that they did not stop worshiping demons and idols,” Psalm 96:5 states “For all Gods of the nations are worthless idols.”

I have read that most witches teach that we are “divine”. But this is the same lie that Satan told Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Gen 3:5 “Your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as Gods”. See…the lie is still the same today.   People want to be like God instead of worshiping God. This belief has eternal implications.

Many of the things you believe are filtering into the churches.  The Gospel is being ignored. The Gospel is that Jesus died and rose again. He took our sins upon Himself, so that we are forgiven and will live forever with HIM, if we repent and put our trust in HIM. Repentance means we acknowledge our faults to Him, die to ourselves, following the commands of Jesus as a child obeys its Father, and serving Him as a subject serves its King. There couldn’t be anything further from teaching that we are “divine” than this.


A couple days went by after I dropped off the letter to her.  Then early one morning at 4:00 am, I was awoken by a chanting/singing. I immediately knew that this had to do with Marilyn and I knew she was casting a spell.  I believe the Lord allowed me to hear this in my spirit so that I would pray.  I prayed for her and His protection for myself. 


Just recently I was talking with an IHOPian (who I am very concerned about because he is involved in this ministry)  who told me that witches had put a curse on his house and had left a dead black cat on his property. 

Someone else who has left this ministry gave me an interesting account of how the local witches were frequenting the  IHOP (International House of Prayer in Kansas City)  prayer room and going to the altar for prayer.  This person told me that going to the altar became a problem because it was an open forum and anyone could lay hands on anyone and there was a sense of something demonic from the other person praying.

This person asks….. why aren’t witches fleeing in such a powerful environment of prayer and how could a curse get through the protection that prayer would provide through constant 24/7intercession?

Good question don’t you think? The answer is that territorial and spiritual warfare as proposed and conducted by IHOP is ineffectual.


 Upright Pentacle/Pentagram

Upright pentacles and pentagrams are among the most widely used religious symbols. They have been used in many eras and by many cultures and religions of the world: by ancient Pagans, ancient Israelites, Christians, magicians, Wiccans and others. 

Wiccans have attempted to reconstruct a Pagan religion similar to that of the ancient Celts. They have adopted the upright pentacle/pentagram, since it was the symbol of Morgan, an ancient Celtic goddess. Many wear it as jewelry and use it on their altars. The symbol is frequently traced by hand using an athame (a ritual knife) during Wiccan rituals. It is used to cast and banish their healing circles. Some Wiccans interpret the five points as representing earth, air, fire, water, and spirit — the five factors needed to sustain life. Others relate the points to the four directions and spirit.  Some Wiccans and other Neopagans bless themselves and others with the sign of the pentagram. Their hand passes from their forehead to one hip, up to the opposite shoulder, across to the other shoulder, down to the opposite hip and back to the forehead. Some of the more highly structured Wiccan traditions have used an inverted pentagram to represent a second or third degree status. “Many of these groups have since substituted a triangle form for the same degrees because of the association of the inverted form of the pentacle with Satanism and black magic.

Witchcraft (divination): a means for extracting information or guidance from a pagan god.

When most people think of witchcraft, they think of worshipping the devil.  Howbeit, most people that worship the devil, do NOT worship him directly–They worship idols or other pagan gods.  Did you know that behind every idol is a demon!  Read the following Scripture:`

1 Corinthians 10:19,20: “What say I then? that the idol is any thing, or that which is offered in sacrifice to idols is any thing?  But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.”

There is a real danger in playing with the occult.  Charms, idols (statues), crystals, tarot cards, candles, potions, magic recipes, astrology, horoscopes, palm-readings, fortune-tellers, psychics, crystal-balls, spells, trinkets, etc.–There are demons behind all of these!!!   If your seeking guidance, power or information from them, you are practicing witchcraft.  There are many people today who are placing emphasis upon astrology, rather than upon the Bible.  Remember, seeking guidance or information from a pagan god is witchcraft according to the Bible.  Stores and magazine racks are loaded with material on occultic practices.  The media is promoting it.  Oprah Winfrey has done much to promote it.  Author’s are promoting it.  We see it everywhere we turn!  My friend, astrology and all such practices are an abomination unto the Lord.  God calls it “an abomination.”  Why is it an abomination?–Because it takes people away from the living and true God, Jesus Christ.  It plunges them into darkness and demonism (the real gods of the occult).  There is reality in the world of demons.  There are fallen angels and a spirit world around us.  This stuff  is real folks, and today people are fascinated with it.  Ozzy Osbourne went straight to the top of the rating’s chart in 2002.  He is known for upside-down crosses and blasphemies against Christ.  People are intrigued with the occult.  People use drugs and every other means they can think of to try to make contact with this unseen world (and the Satanic world is eager to make contact with them).  A child of God must leave this mess alone!  To dabble in astrology is to turn away from the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.  God has given us warnings concerning this.  His warnings have been very accurate in the past.  His batting average, friend, is excellent–He hasn’t missed yet.  God hits a home run every time, and I am going to go along with Him.  You would be wise to do the same.


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