Pope NOT Named after Francis of Assisi: Jesuit Priest admits on Catholic radio, “New Jesuit Pope Francis was not really named after St. Francis of Assisi, but after Jesuit General Francis Borgia”

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Pope Francis (formerly Cardinal Jorge
Mario Bergoglio of Argentina)

by Shannon R. Haas


          Coming from a background as a former Catholic, it is of great interest to me that we have the first Jesuit Pope.  I have been listening to much talk radio in the last few days from both Christian and Catholic networks.  I normally do not tune into Catholic news radio; however, last week was of interest to me to hear what Catholics were saying about the new Pope Francis.  What has surprisingly stood out among the priests and other Catholic figures interviewed has been a lot of talk about how the new Pope is of the Jesuit Order.
          The Jesuit Order (also known as the Society of Jesus) was established around 1537-1540 by Ignatius Loyola of Spain under Pope Paul III for the expressed purpose of undoing the Protest Reformation (by the Protestant Reformers: Martin Luther, John Hus, John Calvin, etc.).  After Loyola gained papal approval, he, along with 6 most trusted associates, continued to recruit Jesuits throughout Europe (and eventually the world), building schools, colleges, and seminaries.
It has been said by a few experts on the Jesuits that the Society of Jesus is more of a military order within the Catholic Church that answers to no one but the Order itself.  Some would sum up the Jesuit Order’s agenda like this: “to stamp out biblical Christianity (through the Counter-Reformation) and subdue the world to the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church.” The Jesuits have become so powerful that many within Catholicism have come to greatly fear and respect the Order (some would testify on record that the Order has even assassinated popes for the Jesuit agenda). The rather chilling Jesuit Oath can be read here.
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