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Fatal Attraction of the Man of Sin

The Man of Sin [2 Thess 2:3] (or Antichrist as he’s become known) is often portrayed in movies as devilishly evil, vile, bloodthirsty, murderous, totally depraved and abhorrent.

In other words, all that people imagine the devil to be. Yet this isn’t the biblical appearance of the False Christ.

Movies set out to deceive. This portrayal of the antichrist is incorrect, persuading people that the coming master of the world is like a figure from a medieval painting, with glowing red eyes, pitchfork and horns.

Instead, the devil comes as an “angel of light”. [2 Cor 11:14]

Many think that love can only come from God. Yet there are some forms of love that are demonic, and appeal strongly to the worldly and soulish, those who are moved mostly by their needs and drives and emotions.

We’ve already seen thousands falling over themselves (literally) to “receive the spirit” at church meetings, a spirit that makes them feel blissfully happy and loved.

This is but a softening-up process, and a drop in the ocean compared to the feelings this angelic god-man will arouse.

When he comes, his power to deceive, his supposed goodness, lovingkindness and wisdom, will be so very appealing that men will fall down and worship at his feet!

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