I have a book by Betty Eadie that was given to me long time ago. When I read it, it was greatly enjoyed. So many interesting concepts about heaven and Jesus. The title was “Embraced by the Light”.

For instance, Betty talks about her out-of-body experiences and shares her special knowledge with us.  She went through the tunnel at death just like we have heard many times.  She experienced the joy of meeting Jesus, who was warm and nonjudgmental.  She was led through heaven and saw many wonders. She explains how she existed before being sent to earth and helped with creation, and that she got to select her next mission on earth. Souls got to select their missions on earth and learned how they would die, or what ailments they would experience, etc.

Now my purpose is not to explain the premise of the book except that it is deception.  And I fell for it. Well I didn’t take it all in line, hook, and sinker, but alot of it.  It was fascinating to think that she was sharing godly and eternal secrets with me. Things that I didn’t know or understand. 

I look back at that little book and literally slap my forehead in disgust. Why couldn’t I see that it was ungodly, unbiblical, and heresy. I WASN’T WALKING WITH THE LORD THEN.   oh!

I was a Christian and yet, didn’t see through it. I grew up in the church and knew the fundamentals. I had accepted Christ as a young girl and was a believer.  But it wasn’t enough to keep me from deception.

When I was reading about Oprah and her new-age show, I saw that Betty Eadie had been a guest on her show.  Still didn’t register.  Then I saw a picture of her sitting on stage  with Oprah and other New-Agers.  hmmmm!  Something is now beginning to penetrate.

Then I checked out a master book list, with all the new-age books listed.  There she was again.  AHA!  It took a 2 x 4 from God but it finally reached the depths of my senile brain. I had been deceived by a new-age book! I had allowed it.  I had enjoyed what it was telling me.  I could be one with the flowers.  She had described a rose in a garden that must have paralleled the Garden of Eden. She was part of the rose, all is one, God is all, all is in God….Is any of this sounding familiar? Like maybe… Pantheism, Panentheism.

I remember also that she said she received special knowledge, and that there was a huge library of information that could be instantly attained and understood.  One was not to criticize any church or religion in any way because people were at different levels of understanding.  Jesus thought them all precious.  Also spirits were also available to help guide us  and aid us in our development.

I had read this long time ago, but I was amazed at how much new-age philosophy I had retained.  There is no way that I would believe any of this now. But I had at least considered it.   

How vulnerable we are as Christians.  No wonder bible scholars are saying, that if you are not grounded in the faith and the truth you will be deceived.  I have easily 1,000 or pages of research that I have studied and  printed off the internet and books galore.  That is why I understand today that the Bible must be known through and through.  Do you know the Bible through and through? I surely don’t.

If I had picked up another book by the same author or decided to read more books of this nature, who knows how deeply I would have been deceived.

I can now look at the theories and experiences proposed in Eadies book and recognize what I could not before.

What about you?  Would you recognize pantheism in a book that is using biblical names and phrases? Would you notice the implication of divinity of one’s self if it was entwined with a passage about the biblical regeneration of a saved life. If someone recommended that you pray till you reach a “quiet inner center”, would you recognize that as an emergent church phrase?

The truth is found by reading the Word of God. We are to pray for wisdom and discernment as these gifts from God are very necessary. 

John 8:31-32 “If you hold to my teaching (word), you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”. this article