When I hear and learn about the sad condition of the church today, I am truly burdened. Then something like this comes along and truly knocks me right back down on my knees in prayer. (You know those huge kneepads carpet installers wear? I need me some of  those!) Anyway..

I learned from Richard Coombes  http://aoreport.com that there was a  United Methodist Church (a mega-church) near him in Kansas City “engaging in various non-standard variations along the lines of referring to the Holy Spirit as a goddess or the great goddess or mother goddess – and even praying to this goddess.” Apparently, this applies to the entire mainline UMC denomination, with the exception of those who have withdrawn and become independent.  I am thinking…What?  What is going on? 

I looked into the United Theological Seminary.  They have a pitiful Portrait of Jesus.

This  link gripes me no end with the seminary advocating mystical experiences.


Here is a portion:

Spirit person or religious ecstatic is one who has frequent and vivid experiences of the sacred.”

“Most of these experiences involve non-ordinary states of consciousness such as vision, shamanic journeys, mystical experiences, or enlightenment experiences.”

Then read this statement by Dr. Marcus Borg who is involved with the United Theological Seminary.

To be Christian, I would say, is to live within the Christian tradition as a metaphor of the sacred, and also as a sacrament of the sacred. The tradition as a whole has as one of its main purposes mediating the reality of the spirit or the reality of the sacred—that is, entering into a relationship with the sacred. It’s about entering into a relationship with suchness, with is-ness. I think of God, to use very abstract language, as is-ness without limits. Our relationship to is-ness matters profoundly. It will shape our whole way of being in the world. If we see is-ness as indifferent, we will be concerned with our own self-protection. If we see is-ness as threatening, we’ll be even more paranoid about life. But if we see is-ness as giving us life, it creates the possibility of relating to life in a non-threatened kind of way. That makes possible the lives of the saints.

What??  Where is Jesus Christ in our Christian life, and what is…”is-ness”..?  Good grief, it is no wonder that the Church is in trouble, if this is what the seminaries are teaching.  I don’t mean to pick on the UMC because these things are happening straight across the board in all the denominations.

This link  below is an article called “The March of Sophia” (Paganism in Our Churches) This is part III of a series of 5. This article describes how a Lutheran church (my denomination), sponsors a yearly retreat called “Retreat with She Who Is”, led by a Lutheran pastor.

Excerpt: The pastor “invited us to form our own images in clay of Asherah, the mother goddess of the Canaanites…with a sacred body just like mine”.  All ten of us prayed the Goddess rosary. Pastor Stacy called us to “remember the sea as the primal water from which life emerged, to think of it as the amniotic fluid of our mothers’ wombs”.


If you have a chance to read all of the series you should be shocked as I was.

Richard also gave me other sites to look at.  Please take a look at:


The Church in Bondage Timeline of Goddess Worship in the Churches

 Re-Imagining Revival


from the above link:

RE-Imagining Revival

“Sophia, Creator God, let your milk and honey flow, Sophia, Creator god, shower us with your love..Our sweet Sophia, we are women in your image. With nectar between our thighs, we invite a lover, we birth a child; with our warm body fluids, we remind the world of its pleasure and sensations…”

Thus went the prayer offered up in their pagan service along with replacing the bread and wine of the Lord’s Supper with bread, milk and honey. They continued by singing songs to the goddess Sophia, the source of their divinity, the creator who dwells within them and unleashes within them their divine power. Conference participants worshipped the divine in each other by marking red dots on their foreheads to signify their divinity, and then bowing to each other in an act of reverence.

National staff and leaders of the Presbyterian Church (USA) gathered with feminist leaders from other World Council of Churches denominations including United Methodist, Lutherans, Roman Catholics, United Church of Christ, Baptists, Episcopalians, Mennonites, United Church of Canada, the church of the  Brethren and the Church Women United.




The above list of denominations is frightening. The feminist movement has a great deal to do with the infiltration of goddess worship in the church and according to the occult world the New Age that is dawning will be a feminine age. The feminine goddess is being accepted in the liberal church and prevalent in witchcraft, especially Wicca. The woman of today is being asked to realize her god nature in her spiritual search.  If you ever watch Oprah, she is a total advocate of New Age philosophies and continues to feature New Age women on her show. 

There is so, so much information on all these practices that I feel that I have not really done you justice by the lack of content, but I hope to have sparked your interest and that you will continue to research. Most of all the information I have read comes from the blogroll.

All these issues from Yoga to Goddess worship involve the same principles.  These principles that range from the altered consciousness to contact and worship with the spirit world, lead us away from Christ. All these apostate traveled roads are leading right to the New Age Spirituality.  When the church is deemed harmless and determined nonexistent, the world will be ready to accept the Antichrist with open arms. He will fit right in because the world is now being prepared for his arrival. 

Are you ready? Are you wearing God’s spiritual armor and using his Word to defend yourself or are you spiritually compromised by involving yourself in the occult world?

There are only two choices!!!!