Review of Chuck Missler at the Red River Prophecy Conference by Pastor Glenn A. Knudson

[I am sharing these observations of Chuck Missler’s recent talk because I caught part of it as it as streamed and this pastor put it better than I could since science is not my strength. I agree with him that Missler’s teachings are NOT biblical and that Missler has himself crossed the line into fables and science so-called.- Jackie]

Review of Chuck Missler at the Red River Prophecy Conference

by Pastor Glenn A. Knudson

I have been able to listen to all of the first talk by Chuck Missler, Macrocosm, and most of the second talk, Microcosm (which he also added Metacosm at the end). He taught exactly what I thought he would teach and why I did not want our fellowship to support the conference because of him.  [note from Kim….Pastor Knudson has a congregation in Fargo, MN.]


1. He started the talk with the “erroneous” preconceptions we have “Especially in the area of science”

a. we have misconceptions about science

b. we have misconceptions about reality

He defined macrocosm as all things larger than ourselves and that it is “the limits to largeness” and “our finite boundaries”

Einstein was the first to give us the concept of time as the fourth decision and that there is no distinction between time and space.

He then introduced his concept of a ten dimensional universe where Einstein* [see notes at end of article] had stopped at four but “knew” there were more (He expands the teaching on ten dimensions in his Micro/Metacosm talk).

He then mentions the states in which matter can be found solid,liquid,gas and super gas (or plasma) He makes a statement that you need to listen to the words he uses “that as a plasma gases function as a unified “organism” (I always was taught organisms are living things and the Bible is specific in its definitions of life and the that man is unique from plant and animal life and that gases have no life).

He then makes a statement I believed is to diffuse anyone who would dare speak against what he is teaching, “The only barrier to truth is the presupposition you already have it.” (How could I as a non-scientist question Chuck’s findings and say I am because I view the Word of God as my final authority for truth that if what he “finds” does not align with God’s Word it must be non-truth or by definition a lie).

He then makes another statement that he bases a lot of his teaching on ” where metaphors reign, mysteries begin” The only problem is Chuck is enamored with what I view as “occultic and gnostic” mysteries and the Word of God tells us the Lord has revealed what we are to know and concealed what we are not. Chuck wants to peel back the what God has concealed using what Paul referred to in his letter to Timothy using “science so called” based on supposition, speculation, mysticism, and the word of mystics.

He then talked about the fractured universe because of sin and that the six upper dimensions have been fractured from the four lower dimensions. He then described the universe as being a digital universe (this prepares you for the next talk where he will reveal that “everything” is really a digital simulation in the form of a hologram. (This is disturbing because he has just laid the ground work for agreeing with the eastern mystics who have told us for centuries that everything is an illusion and that like a hologram, all things are one and even though you think you separate things you never can because everything is one. Does he really see where the logic of this leads to- pantheism and we are one with God- the atonement becomes the AT-ONE-MENT and reality and the authority of God has effectively been destroyed)

Chuck then closed by leaving everyone with the teaser for his next session of New Spirituality indoctrination by stating that we cannot find infinity and this has been discovered by two things:

1. We have found the outer boundaries of the universe so it has boundaries above

2. We have discovered something at the sub-atomic particle level using quantum physics that there comes a point where all things lose locality and become “unified” in location and communication. As above so below (my words) but we now have discovered the “boundaries” to our reality.


Chuck starts his talk by stating it is really about “REAL” science vs. bad science. Although in typical Chuck fashion he never gives definition to terms, you are left to conclude that “REAL” science is his version and interpretation and bad science would be science done by groups such as ICR where Dr. John Morris on Science, Scripture & Salvation recently stated there are those that in the name of science who proclaim that our universe consists of ten dimensions, but this is based not on good science but on gnostic and mystic teachings. (Some of Chuck’s main sources are mystic 13th century Jewish Rabbis and Hindu Mystic Dr. David Bohm. I think Chuck really should begin to examine good and bad science in light of the reality of that which we know is true, the Word of God.) [Link Here with Bohm connections]

Chuck Missler then makes a sweeping statement which in my opinion does two things:

1. Enables him to divorce himself from the authority of scripture when it comes to interpretations of quantum physics

2. Allows him to draw conclusions with absolutely NO empirical evidence to back him up.

He states there are “NO ABSOLUTES” at the sub-atomic or quanta level and that we no longer can have the perceptions we once had as “nothing is real” HE HAS JUST DESTROYED GOD!!!! He then recreates God by stating that at the sub-atomic particle level all things are connected, not merely in locality but in communication. He states it is hard for us to conceive but you can take two quarks and separate them by the expanse of the universe and yet they will communicate with one another. God has just been redefined and all of his creation has become one with the creator BUT NOT THROUGH THE BLOOD OF CHRIST!!

He then began his trail of “experts” that allowed him to arrive at these conclusions. It begins with a 13th century Jewish rabbi named Nachmonides who determined from studying Genesis that there are ten dimensions. (Chuck failed to mention in this talk, but what he has revealed elsewhere and information that you can discover on your own, that Nachmanides was a kabbalic mystic Jew who looked far outside the Word of God to interpret the Word of God, this is the foundation that he lays for his version of quantum physics, boundaries of reality and interpretation of our existence. He spent time on building the concept of particle-anti-particle and it was here I was interrupted and had to leave for about 1/2 hour.

When I came back he had just started on “Metacosm”

He introduced this portion of the talk by stating” We really are a “virtual simulated” digital environment and to discuss our existence is the whole concept of the metacosm. He stated we are a “Hyper-dimensional” universe that manifests itself in the form of hologram. He then introduces Dr. David Bohm as the originator of the understanding that we live in a holographic universe. He then states that God is the creator of this holographic universe. He then proceeds to exaggerate and make sweeping statements that are not backed up by any empirical science. He will say things like ” Both astrophysicists and the quantum physicists now tell us” (He leads you to believe the majority is in

agreement with his position) The six dimensions outside our experience are “curled” (How do we know this or empirically prove it). Our universe is but a shadow of the larger reality ( no Biblical context or scientific empirical discovery just a sweeping statement of set the stage. There are “hints” in Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, some of us suspect the original creation was “fractured” as a result of the curse in Genesis 3.” He has a great ability to introduce a topic as a concept and by three or four sentences later what was a concept or theory has now become a fact!!

He concluded his talk with the David Bohm concepts that at the sub-atomic particle level location as we know it ceases to exist and all is an illusion We live in a 3D virtual world that manifests itself as a hologram (thus by definition of a hologram you can see in one particle what is the whole -so you can see by extension of logical outcome of this thought in any part of God’s creation you will see God in his fullness).

He then talks about the dilemma of our reality which is the blindness to reality which will result ultimately in the secret of God’s judgment. (Why the esoteric way of always presenting the state of man- why not just say what the Bible says).

I see that all Chuck’s dancing with the mystics and stating that this is the “REAL SCIENCE” lays groundwork for his view of angels, UFO’s, time travel, and ability to communicate across time etc,etc. which God warns us LEAVE ALONE and DO NOT BECOME INVOLVED WITH.

At the close the chairman of the committee thanked Chuck for coming and then said we all need to be Bereans and examine the things Chuck said in light of scripture but then stated that it is said that there are those who because of fear, of judgment, and a lack of understanding and preconceived ideas have chosen to not support Chuck. In other words, if you do what he told you to and examine what Chuck taught in light of scripture and found it lacking, you better not say anything for if you do, you are a judgmental, closed minded, fearful person who is unwilling to discover the boundaries of our reality.


What is Chuck’s purpose in exaggeration, twisting of what is good and bad science and laying an eastern mystic view of reality? As those in the audience had their eyes glossing over with physics 101, they were having their perception of God and His Word torn, destroyed and replaced with an eastern mystic one.

Let me know if you think I am fearful, closed minded and judgmental because I am really concerned about the GLORY of GOD and the upholding of HIS WORD.

–Pastor Glenn A. Knudson

Posted by Jackie Alnor


* Interesting facts  about Einstein from Marv Frye, Allyn, WA

 – A Theoretical physicist and philosopher, regarded as one of the most influential and best known scientists and intellectuals of all time.

– First to propose that Newtonian physics could not reconcile mechanics with electromagnetic field.

– Wrote special Theory of Relativity in 1906, saying energy and mass are related.

– Wrote General Theory of Relativity in 1916 on the geometric theory of gravity. It generalizes special relativity and Newton’s law of universal gravitation.

– Provides a unified description of gravity as geometric property of space and time. (or “spacetime”)

– It says energy, mass, time and space are related.

– Solution of his 10 different differential field equations seemed to indicate the universe is not stable.

– Einstein could not believe the universe is not stable, so he inserted a Cosmological Constant to balance his 10 field equations.

-Later acknowledged that the Cosmological Constant is not needed, and was his biggest scientific mistake ever.