As I daily read and study scripture,  the desire increases for wanting to live for the Lord, to die-to-self and turn away from the ways of the world.  I have waded and researched through so much false teaching that this writing was salve for me…in these  latter times it is good to know that God never changes and is the same forever….please read….

Living Like “the Sons of Light”

This is not a rhetorical question nor am I being derisive or sardonic, but can someone explain to me why the timing and structure of the End Times was no mystery to the Early Church and yet we seem to hold endless conferences and publish untold numbers of books and websites on the subject? In all fairness, perhaps I need to re-frame the issue. It actually seems that the problem does not pertain so much to the thirst for knowledge about the fulfillment of God’s plans as the day of the Lord approaches, but how to live in the shadow of that knowledge. It might be the age old issue of the positioning of the cart relative to the horse.

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