I happened across a forum that was discussing cults and those who were coming out of them. It caught my interest because this particular cult has its facility in the Northwest.  The forum was on a site that had much information about the New World Order and health issues. Many Christians are interested in these issues and post comments.

The forum was very informative and the people really had some good sharing. The comments revealed that one reason why people got involved in these cults was that they were hungry for spiritual help in their lives. They are seekers.

Here are some of the comments coming from the people leaving this particular cult.

“For sure it’s a cult. As is christianity or any other religion.”

“I saw in many of the students a blind devotion to *** that bordered on dangerous; investing in ponzy schemes, kilns for alchemy, a scheme to make a toxic “purified” water where one ingredient was lye, building underground shelters for the end of the world, taking prozac because *** thought it would clear peoples minds, telling terminally ill or paralyzed patients that they can cure themselves and constantly asserting that if miracles or “manifestations” did not occur in our lives, then we were doing something wrong…..To conclude, we are all seeking for truth…”

” As with most cults people are drawn to the good parts of it and I will admit some of ***teachings make sense but the individual who tries to play the part of an all knowing god , if you will, can not keep the facade going for long in one continuous speech without carrying on with banter that varies from the intended message..”

“*** has supposedly “channeled” Jesus,…”

“That is when*** told us to Dig In and get ready for the Days to Come…. instruction was to constructed (sic) a secret place under ground by our self and dig it with our hand if necessary that no one would know the location, to be covered with at list 4 feet of dirt with a secret entrance and to have enough food for 3 years or more and enough supply to be able to rebuilt the world when coming out. Can you imagine the fear that hit us that night, but also like you mentioned in your letter the wonderful feeling of superiority of knowing that we were the chosen one, we were special.”

“As you know they are now back into the mode that the end of the World is coming as per the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012.”

Some of the commenters were still in the cult or were not against it.


“They teach the truth of life from their perspective and never demand any allegiance to that truth. They encourage us to find our own truth by testing the lessons and disciplines thru personal experience. If it doesn’t work for you…then they encourage you to seek until you find what rings true for you.”

“I’ve been able to get passed all the silly guilt, and feelings of unworthiness that plagued my personality. I know I’m something so much more than my body and personality. The *** has taught me that, and taught me how to remove the mask that covers the God that lives within me.Once we learn how remarkable we are and how remarkable God is, the World seems so UNremarkable.”

“This is great…. that each one of us can stand in our own knowing and own integrity as to what is right for ourselves without disempowering the other to get our viewpoint across.”

“By the way, I think the same way about all the other religions, cults and beliefsystems that claim to have the ultimate truth. So, along with the christian church(es), islam, hinduism, capitalism, communism, nihilism and all the other -isms, ramthaism is to me nothing but a pile of BS.”


Before I enter my comments I want to post what the moderator said. He was not the owner of the site.

“We have thousand of posts with a lot of information,we also welcome all resonable discussions on JZR.”


Here are my comments but they were not welcome at all.

As a Christian there are some aspects I will would like add to this conversation. Please kindly consider what I have to say based on the Bible, which I understand is a forbidden book on the compound.

Mediums like to portray the spirit world as ascended masters or the wise ones, etc. but the truth is that what is being accessed are evil spirits. They pretend to be something they are not. Spirit guides are not holy, they are imposters.

A well known verse concerning these matters is 2 Corinthians 11:14…
“..for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.” Thus we have those hungry for “enlightenment” searching in all the wrong places for truth.

No wonder the Bible is off limits. It defies their teachings.

I do not mean to preach, just want to say that I found the answers, and I know my eternal destiny. Following Jesus Christ is not a religion, because there is nothing you can do to earn heaven. Salvation is a free gift for believing in Him and following Him. True Peace. No Fear.  Blessings to you.

..thank you for the kind words….I found this site because I am worried and care about the people who are involved and I have a personal interest. Much has been learned from those making the comments, who also are concerned and have shared their experiences. Thank you so much.

I too was one who was brought up in the Christian faith and wandered away. But one day someone took the time and spoke truth to me and it seared me to the very core. I returned to the faith. The Jesus that is depicted as an ascended master of the Brotherhood is not the Jesus I follow, which is a main concern of those who believe in the Bible.

Another Christian comments…..

“God loves each and every one of us. He sent His only Son Jesus to die for us so that we will have a life with Him one day in heaven as well as a life worth living on this earth day to day just to be able to deal with what life throws our way, and most of us know that is a lot: heartache, family problems, jobs, finances, death of loved ones, the list could go on forever. He demands nothing of us.I could go on, and I know many disagree with all of this but God gives us that freedom to accept Him for a better life inside each of us and a life in heaven or reject Him to our own peril in an eternity in a burning Hell. Believe it or not believe it. We all have that choice.  God bless and keep all of us safe! I wish you all good health!

Now the responses……

So trying to preach to us that the God of the Bible is the answer does nothing except to aggravate the problem since we all have rejected that possibility as most of us was looking for the truth which we did not find in religions in the first place So no amount of quotes from the Bible will change that in most of us since we believe Religions to be also cultish.

I do not take well to being threatened with eternal damnation in hell or any such nonsense if I do not believe in ‘Him’,…But take it from me sherri, what you have written does have that effect on me, because to me, it comes from that same old arrogant, condescending attitude of knowing it all and looking down on the poor sheep who don’t,

Instead of trying to understand the real nature of how we feel, you chose to preach us your truth as you call it completely ignoring the mechanic of it all. Preaching us with total ignorance…Please understand that last thing WE want to hear when coming out of a place like that, is someone trying to preach us their truth. Recovering from a cult like this one to some may take years and for many require real professional help, not preaching from someone that have no Knowledge what so ever, and no experiences.

 I had to strongly resist the temptation to attack you and Kim myself. I didn’t want to sound mean. But my own truth welled up inside me. Then I realized that I can love the “sinner” but hate the “sin”. I really do hate what you are selling, but not you personally, and I think it would be mean of me NOT to say so, because I see what you two are proposing as the cause of most of the world’s problems.

I think the last comment hit me the hardest.

“…what you two are proposing as the cause of most of the world’s problems. “

It was said that “WE” do not want to hear preaching. But how can this man speak for all. The moderator was directing people to his site for help and that was great…I hope that people were finding help but the Christian’s solution, Jesus of the Bible, would not be tolerated. I wanted to continue making comments because people who get caught up in cults are usually spiritually hungry. This cult taught wrong aspects using the words Christ and Jesus. I guess they didn’t really want to know the true Jesus, that He is not a screaming Jesus, he is not an ascended master of the Brotherhood… but the Savior of the World who died because we are sinners.

My sister-in-Christ and I,  decided to shake the dust off our feet and leave the site. We were not welcome after professing Jesus Christ as Lord.

It was not “our” truth we were speaking of, but the truth found in the Holy Bible. If I was to try to find truth within myself, like self-seekers, I would find no good thing. Romans 3:9 says, “There is no one righteous, not even one.”  Through studying the Bible and realizing what God expects of us by observing His laws, we become conscious of our sinful nature. This drives me to my knees in repentance of sin.

Glory be to God, the all high and mighty, and His Son Jesus Christ.