Andrew Strom is selling a book…..and this is the video documentary he has produced to promote it.

Now, I think people should see this video but I hesitate to promote Andrew Strom. He has professed to “come out” of the prophetic movement, yet he still promotes prophetic utterances over the Bible. There is a string of predictions about the economy on his website which he is defending.

In this video he says that Kundalini “maybe produces animal noises” but neglects to explain that a false spirit often speaks in another language.

This is a dangerous omission.

Read this from a Kundalini Teacher:

Most kriyas are simple tremors or twitches as tension held in the body, releases. However, they can be quite complex movements, breathing patterns, (pranayama) vocalizations, visions,… the body will do whatever it needs to do, to facilitate the blockage being cleared, and it has all the wisdom of the Collective consciousness, to draw upon. So, a Kriya may take the form of an African Dance, a Sanskrit song, an Aboriginal drum chant, or anything. Energy clearing techniques that have been used by different cultures for thousands of years, tend to have a higher resonance in the Collective, and the body-mind guidance will make use of that unconscious information, bring it forth.

That is why people who may never have studied Hatha Yoga, find their bodies wanting to assume Yoga postures, or why people who do not speak a foreign language may find themselves spontaneously chanting in Sanskrit.


Strom also states that all this started in the year 1994, which may be the case for the Toronto Church,  but I was exposed to these manifestations while visiting a church in Seattle  in the year 1969. I remember that the all ushers were dressed in white uniforms as they collected the people laying  and flaying in the aisles. They used cots to cart them off.