Well, half of it anyway…..

It was in September 2009 that my Pastor told me he was unhappy with the church because of the new ELCA resolution allowing gay ministry.

I wasn’t even aware that a vote had taken place but the outcome has affected all Lutheran churches everywhere. Those who are affliated with the ELCA have had to make some decisions. Many who have ended up in a ELCA church not really knowing the programs behind it are now aware.

I believe the Lord led me to the Lutheran church I was attending. I just did not know why. It was way too liberal for me, which caused discontent. Knowing that one is not to be discontent in a situation that the Lord has ordained, I stayed.

Our Pastor gave notice and a few of us started looking for a new location. There was the possibility of renting a hall, meeting in someone’s home, or looking at vacant buildings. Then me and husband noticed a church that seemed to have only a few worshippers on Sunday. We contacted the Pastor there and then the Lord cleared the way for us to be able to use this facility. The congregation there disbanded and we were able to take over the premises.

After months of prayer for the Lord to lead and guide us, He supplied a  fully-stocked church facility to rent. He sent us a benefactor for start-up costs and necessary repairs.

And He sent worshippers.

We installed the sign early in the evening anxious to see our church in lights. The next day people driving by stopped and asked, “Are you part of the ELCA?” When the Pastor said “NO”, they said, “Good …we will be attending your next service.”

We have not even advertised yet and we already think we will have to start planning a second service. Half of the people from the old church, people from other ELCA congregations that are dragging their feet on a vote, and people looking for a biblical church.. have come.

We will not be a perfect church for we are imperfect sinful people..yet God  answered our prayer because we wish to serve Him in spirit and truth.