I often check out my blogging friends to see what they have discovered in their latest research. Living Journey posted an article from More Books and Things…..so I will add to mix here and also post Carla’s article. Here is a teaser:

There is huge a parallel here for the church to learn regarding the times we live in now. There are those today who are telling you nice things. These are wolves disguised as sheep, who call themselves God’s people, but they won’t talk about judgment, hell, sin or repentance. Instead they love to ooze about in conversations about the journey, kingdom, peace and justice here and now, or the new theories of atonement, the power of questions, and their favourite heretics and false teachers who have endorsed their new books. The saddest part is that there are those who are listening to these false prophets and believing everything they say, because they are not studying God’s Word – let alone defending or contending.

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