Back in March 2007 I contacted the publisher of Alpha Omega Report because I knew he lived near Kansas City. I was researching IHOP. This is what he told me:

Believe it or not, despite their rhetoric, they are a non-factor in the KC area and most people, including most ministers either have no clue they exist or have only vaguely heard of them. I think this is primarlly because they are viewed as a “cult” or “cult-like” in nature and are or have been pretty-well marginalized.

This may have been  true at the time but now we can see this is changing.

GOD TV is Now Carrying the IHOP-KC Renewal – from Slaughter of the Sheep

What started out as the “Student Awakening” at Mike Bickle’s International House of Prayer (IHOP) is now being billed as the IHOP-KC Renewal by God TV, who will be carrying the “revival” starting in January. If you’ll rewind to a little over a year and a half ago, God TV was implicit in bringing the Lakeland Outpouring to gullible sheep around the globe. As has been proven in the past, God TV’s Wendy and Rory Alec will jump on anything that will spread the wildfire of mystical heresy around the world. They apparently don’t want to be left out of this latest move.

When the Student Awakening was being carried via live webstream they were able to reach many around the world, but with God TV picking up the feed, there will be almost a half a BILLION households added to the audience. That figure staggers the imagination. That’s like pouring gasoline on an already out of control fire.

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