hpb.gif In 1875 Helena Petrovona Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society in New York.  What is Theosophy?  Theosophy translates into Divine Wisdom.  Theosophy holds that man is evolving spiritually and that someday will be as one with God. Blavatsky wrote “Isis Unveiled” and “The Secret Doctrine” which were channeled to her by an Ascended Master Kuthumi who lived in the 19th century. Djwal Khul also called the “Tibetan” was also an Acsended Master who channeled to HPB. She introduced Buddhism and Hinduism into the West .

“Blavatsky saw her mission as sublimely messianic: to save the world…Theosophy had been associated with the Gnostics and the Kabbalists. Madame Blavatsky’s Theosophy was nothing less than an attempt to synthesize Brahmanism, Buddhism, and Occultism into a new religion. The plan was to introduce these occult teachings throughout the West, and this in turn has created what we now know as the New Age.  It advocated a universal brotherhood of humankind, wise men of superhuman knowledge who lived in the Himalayas.  It was her conviction that these men had trained her and then sent her out into the world with permission to disclose some the secret knowledge that could light up a pitiless and incomprehensible universe” (Meade).

Madame Blavatsky wrote:

 “I was the first in the United States to bring the existence of our Masters into publicity; and . . . exposed the holy names of two members of a Brotherhood hitherto unknown to Europe and America (save to a few mystics and Initiates of every age), yet sacred and revered throughout the East, and especially India.”

 If you have read any of my previous articles you know who i think Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, deceased relatives, and inner voices are. They are truly fallen angels or demons who are stepping in to deceive those who think they are in commune with some higher being.  The allure is gaining some kind of secret knowledge, and who doesn’t want to be in on a “secret”, but if you use occult methods, expect occult results.   As you may see, the plan that was put in effect so long ago is coming to pass.  More and more people are accepting yoga and meditation as a way to improve their life, improve spirituality, and come closer to God.  But in truth, deception is taking place as predicted in the Bible. Even Christians are buying into Contemplative Spirituality which can lead to communion with the pit.

Alice Bailey

After the death of  HP Blavatsky…. enter Alice Bailey who claimed that her teachings came from the same Occult Brotherhood that taught HP Blavatsky . . . . Bailey’s guide professed to be the same Djual Khool that was one of HPB’s teachers. Bailey also declared that her guru was the same Master Kuthumi that Blavatsky knew.

After misfortune in Alice Bailey’s life she and her three children settled in California where she met two women who introduced her to Theosophy.  She had her first contact with a master calling himself the “Tibetan” in 1919. He wanted her to take dictation. Alice states:

I heard a voice which said, “There are some books which it is desired to be written for the public. You can write them. Will you do so?” 

She wrote 19 books that were channeled directly to her between the years 1919-1949.

Here is an excerpt from “For Many Shall Come in My Name” by Ray Yungen

To occultists, the significance of the Alice Bailey writings was that they foretold that in the coming Aquarian Age “the teachings of the East and West must be fused and blended before the true and universal religion–for which the world waits–could appear on earth.”*  There also would be a “Coming one”, whom she called “the Christ”, who would not be the Lord Jesus Christ whom Christians await the return of, but an entirely different individual. This man would embody all the great principles of occultism, chiefly the divinity and perfectibility of man, and consequently expect recognition and honor as to his own lordship and divinity. (page 32)

The Lucis Trust

 “The Lucis Trust is the Publishing House which prints and disseminates United Nations material. It is a devastating indictment of the New Age and Pagan nature of the UN. Lucis Trust was established in 1922 as Lucifer Trust by Alice Bailey as the publishing company to disseminate the books of Bailey and Blavatsky and the Theosophical Society. The title page of Alice Bailey’s book, ‘Initiation, Human and Solar’ was originally printed in 1922, and clearly shows the publishing house as ‘Lucifer Publishing CoIn 1923. Bailey changed the name to Lucis Trust, because Lucifer Trust revealed the true nature of the New Age Movement too clearly. (Constance Cumbey, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, p. 49). A quick trip to any New Age bookstore will reveal that many of the hard-core New Age books are published by Lucis Trust.”

This quote can be found here:


Those who are unaware of the New World Order influence on the United Nations need to open the above  link.  It is truly frightening.

*this sentence sums up the entire theme of “A Time of Departing”