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A Testimony from Elise

Over the last ten years I began to realize that I had developed some psychic powers. Mainly, I could feel some spirits and see auras. Even though I was a baptized Catholic I was never made aware that all psychic power came from the dark side. In the Catholic Church there is prophecy and healing but it comes from God through Jesus only. If you go to your local psychic center – you will not find God or Jesus there. The spirits of light that are advertised in those places or from psychics or so-called ‘light workers’ are from the dark side. If you want to know if someone is from the dark side or not just ask them this question: “Do you accept Jesus Christ into your heart, mind and soul as your one and only true Lord and Savior?” If they can’t answer it or they say no, run. Run like the wind. The place I went to had pictures of Jesus on flyers and posters here and there for endorsements. I fell for it. Whether they knew it or not – Jesus does not endorse occult practices. Verily, verily I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber” John 10:1 The occult is the “some other way.”

It all started when I decided to have a tarot card reading by a guy who told me he could see my aura and said that I “desperately needed one.” The advice he gave me was nothing relevant at all. He was a fake but fooled me for a time. They’re all fakes really because the occult knowledge doesn’t come from humans. How could it? It comes directly from the negative spirits these psychics have deliberately or inadvertently invited into themselves, sharing their eyes and senses. That’s why everywhere in the Bible mysticism and sorcery are condemned because they come from evil and can control you to the point of destruction and murder.

This joker told me I had an alien implant in my aura. He was fooled too because he claimed to have all these degrees in psychic matters but belonged to a ‘church’ which he felt justified him and ‘his’ powers. But it gave me enough creeps to ignorantly look through a state psychic directory not knowing yet that I should have just prayed to forget this idiot and his claims. So anyway, I came to find out that one can get an aura cleansing. How new-age! And what a nice way to get it out, I thought, so I had one. Came out feeling just wonderful. Looking back, I can definitely see now that I had a spirit transferred into me from the woman who did it. Unknowingly? Everything looked and felt different. I thought it was me but it was the spirit in me sharing itself as something wonderful. I always wanted to be a healer and I thought wow! I can be a psychic healer and really help people. The Bible says devils can come to you as an angel of light. Then it will reveal itself in the end, which it/they did to me.

So I signed up for a healers’ class a month later, still with this spirit in me, making me feel wonderful and different. I can now see the disguise it used. Meanwhile, I had started meditating daily and had some very strange dizzying sensations and slight hallucinations of things moving and bending while I said my preliminary prayers to God and Jesus. Later, I came to realize these were demonic spirits in me rejecting and reacting to my prayers. I had another aura cleansing a couple weeks later but not for these – I was still worried about that danged implant which was a lie given through the reader. In this one, I could actually see the aura bubbles of entities all around me ‘walking’ towards me. These were evil spirits entering my aura and the lady didn’t even know it, I would hope.

So my class happened on a Saturday. During the class we were told that we all could call on healing masters ‘out there’ that would channel this wonderful healing energy from the universe. What we were really calling on were demons masquerading as healing light spirits. Now I know all healing only comes through Jesus. All else is a fraud or at best, temporary. When I gave permission for one to use my hands, it did more than that. I felt a whole energy enter my body enough to rock me slightly so I had to make sure I had my balance. Now I had many in me – at least. We four students practiced on each other. Who knows what spiritually transmitted ‘diseases’ were being shared. The following Tuesday after coming out of a meditation, I had a very dark feeling come over me. The next day I had to call in sick to work because I was hearing voices in my head. Thoughts that I knew did not come from my own mind. Just like when you think “oh I need milk” there were thoughts I ‘heard’ but I knew I did not think them. They were mocking me and taunting me. After a few hours, I knew I needed to go see a priest. This was a highly spiritual matter and I needed to go ‘home.’ Back to my Church. Back to Jesus.

Later that morning, I sat there with the priest and told him some things. He said he knew of another priest who was an exorcist. Thank goodness. I don’t know what I would have done, possibly committed suicide because of these voices. So the next day I went to see this priest in his Church. He told me why I never should have left the Church and why I should come back. (By the way, I’m back.) I sat there in the front pew with him and a woman who was a member of his parish who stood behind me. The priest read a page in Latin over me holding the Crucifix. He also made the cross on my forehead with Holy oil and he had a Bible in his hand. At some point my hands went up and were frozen into a cursed position. I was aware of the demons in my head wanting to come out. One by one – about fifty to seventy five came screaming at the top of my lungs out of me over the next three and a half hours, all in different but similar ways. This was a deliverance from evil. They call it a deliverance. Jesus, Mother Mary and Archangel Michael were there fighting along with me and the priest. I remember a few specifically totaling about a minute’s worth. The rest my mind has erased. But Holy water, Holy oil, the Bible and the Crucifix were all placed on me causing me to arch my back and contort and then they would horribly scream out of me.

Unfortunately, this deliverance was interrupted and I still had one left in me that stayed for a couple weeks. I went through some very dark times with it. I tried to expel it myself and it finally was removed from me in a very peaceful way. I was at home and said a very sincere loving rosary. I looked out over the land in front of me and was thinking how beautiful it was and how much I loved God. I was leaned back gently in my chair and my head was turned slightly and I could feel it leave me. It was gone. It was removed by something I could feel was heavenly and very loving. It was just an incredibly peaceful feeling as if I was being floated on a cloud.

This episode left me weak for several weeks at first and a few came back to bother me. In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuked them, bound them, commanded them to leave never to return and cast them to the feet of Jesus Christ. Then I ask the Holy Spirit to fill me. I am stronger now and sense when they approach and I do this again. I know that I am a spiritual warrior now. We all are. This will happen to all Christians and non-Christians alike. You have to know when you need to fight. But only with Jesus Christ can you cast them away.

For those of you who do not believe in Jesus, just open your heart. It’s a simple gesture you can do even when no one is looking. He is there and He loves you. And he WILL protect you and save you from evil for eternity – because it is out there. That is His promise. Then, you will know why you need Him and for many more reasons too that you will find. He may not come on a dime or within the second you ask but he will come to you if you sincerely want Him to. He will make Himself known to you if your heart is open. He will not force his love on you but will give it freely and lovingly if you ask. That is why we are given a free choice. Choose Him. Read the New Testament – that’s Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the Gospel all the way through Revelations. Then so read through Revelations and watch the signs of the times – He will come again. And in remembrance of Him I go to Church every Sunday and eat the Holy bread and drink the Holy wine. As He said, “DO this, in remembrance of me.” The Bible is online too. Repent and be baptized!

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