Taken from the Bethel Church facebook page.
I was born again in March 2005, after 4 1/2 years into my walk with the Lord I was lured into the mess that is Bethel, I had a friend invite me one friday night to his church to see his new pastor preach, (a follower of the Bethel doctrine, I was deceived and started attending that church, after 18 months I had lost everything I owned, house cars, you name it, I started to question the behavior of church staff and of some of the things I was being taught, eventually the pastor told me that I was unteachable, later I discovered that was a compliment, I was unteachable because of discernment, the Holy Spirit that lives in me wouldn’t let me be taught a lie, I soon after left the church and was told to beware because I would lose my covering, talking about a cult, well over 2 years have past and have been under sound doctrine, God has restored everything, home, finances, automobile etc… God bless you for creating a fb page devoted to calling out Bill Johnson and his cult.