I have been sober 28 years now only by the grace of God.

My Two Cents

I just sat with a man whose wife was killed and his children hospitalized by a drunk driver. It was stunning and heartbreaking. Pray for this young family, the in-laws of my good friends, Steve and Toni Hafler.

The experience inspired a rant:

I understand the fact that the Bible’s teaching about alcohol is complicated. I’ve studied it and preached on it. However, I also understand that there is a cavalier attitude toward alcohol consumption in the modern church, especially among younger believers, and it’s alarming. I’m all for interpreting the Scriptures carefully. Yes. But young guns, let me uncork for a minute before you chase your Bible study with a Budweiser and urge others to do the same.

Unless you’ve counseled a worn-out wife about her husband’s alcoholism, unless you’ve comforted a teen whose parents have both been heavy drinkers for as long as he can remember, unless…

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