The first sin the Corinthians ignored was lack of unity. A multiplicity of cliques each used the name of some Christian leader to split the church. This disunity had nothing to do with differences of doctrine. It was largely due to intellectual pride and a status-seeking spirit. Paul condemned these alarming dissensions and pointed out that all four cliques dishonored Christ Himself, for none of these human leaders had been crucified for them or gave them eternal life. However, these divisions and dissentions were but symptoms of a deep problem in the church–a kind of pride and dependence upon worldly wisdom as though eloquence, intellectualism, talents, or philosophical learning were to be grasped as an eternal good or means of power to win people to Christ. In response¬†, Paul downgrades mere human wisdom without Christ and presents Christ and His cross as the true wisdom and power of God, which the Corinthians should seek above all else.

From the Acts of the Apostles

Notes lesson 19 BSF.