AMERICANS FEEL CONNECTED TO JESUS  A new Barna study finds that most “Americans feel connected to Jesus.” Nearly seven in ten of those surveyed claim to have “a personal relationship” with Jesus that influences their lives (“Americans Feel Connected,”, April 2010). These believe that Jesus communicates with them, and nearly 60% think that Jesus feels their pain and suffering. While it may sound encouraging that a majority of Americans feel connected to Jesus and are convinced that He speaks to them, we must ask, “What Jesus?” Since the Bible warns of “false christs” and “false spirits” (e.g., 2 Corinthians 11:3-4), this is an essential piece of information. The Barna report does mention that Americans have remade Jesus into their desired mold, but the study itself does not seek to ascertain the identity of the Jesus that is so popular in American imagination. I would make an educated guess and say that the most popular Jesus in America is “The Shack Jesus” portrayed in William Young’s hot-selling book. He is cool, non-judgmental, and loves rock & roll.

source: Way of Life, David Cloud