I rarely watch television anymore.

Remember the old Dick Van Dyke Show? Laura and Dick could only be shown in twin beds. How times have changed. Today, some of the favorite TV characters and personalities have become beloved  solely for their homosexuality. People laugh and tolerate the sinful lifestyle.

The church has succombed to this tolerance. The ELCA of the Lutheran church has declared that homosexuals can preach from the pulpit. Those who reject this resolution are being persecuted by the church itself by accusations of being unloving and intolerant. I know this first hand, for I am one being persecuted by the rejection of the ELCA and leaving my current church. I have gay friends. I do love them. I love them enough not to alter the truth. That the Bible says their lifestyle is an abomination to Him.

It may be difficult to stand up and hold to biblical truth. But one must.

My accusers call me divisive.  Yes, they are right. I am dividing and separating myself from the world.

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It is getting progressively worse, and the majority of Christian homes are succumbing to Hollywood’s siren song. Like the frog in the gradually-heated pot, God’s people who are careless about separating from Hollywood’s filthy fare become desensitized by it.

A missionary friend was eating a meal with a fundamental Baptist pastor and his wife some years ago when the topic of the movie Titanic (rated PG-13) came up. When the missionary expressed his opinion that the movie is ungodly, the pastor’s wife said that they had seen it and had enjoyed it. The missionary asked what they thought of the nudity in the movie, and the pastor’s wife said it was “tastefully done.”

This illustrates how worldly many fundamental Baptist churches have become. If pastors and their wives are enjoying movies featuring premarital affairs and partial nudity, what are the other members of the church watching!

The Bible says the pastor is to be the example to the flock (1 Peter 5:3). Woe unto those multitudes of worldly pastors and deacons and Sunday School teachers who are comfortable with Hollywood’s cesspool and who do not teach their people the fear of God and separation from the world.

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Friday Church News Notes, January 8, 2010, http://www.wayoflife.org