I have been studying discernment issues for awhile now, but posting these issues have put me in touch with  real people having real problems and real people who have totally turned away from unbiblical practices. I want to thank those who have taken the time to speak up for Christ  because previously their eyes had been opened by the Lord and have left false ministries and have denounced mysticism. Many have completely “come-out” of new age practices but unfortunately, there are others who retain a blend.

The seduction of new age pratices can truly have a hold on Christians because they think they are exempt from deception. This is a very dangerous stance to take because it removes discernment.  Jesus told us over and over again to beware, that the end times will be filled with false prophets and the doctrines of demons.

What courage these folks have that have turned away from apostate teachings and practices and then share their experience with others.  What humility and love for Christ they have to want to  help others who may be in the same situation they found themselves in. This is truly surrendering all to Christ.

Some of the greatest teachers against new age practices have been deeply involved with them. Some well-known examples are  Warren Smith who wrote “Reinventing Jesus Christ”, (his e-book is available on the blogroll or below), Ray Yungen who has two great books out, ” A Time of Departing”, and “For Many Shall Come In My Name”, and Kevin Reeves who wrote “The Other Side of the River”.  I am currently reading “Spellbound”, The Paranormal Seduction of Today’s Kids, by Marcia Montenegro.  Every parent or anyone involved with children should read this book.  There is a huge assortment of occultism available to kids today and this is a must read that will help you protect them.

Here is how to find these books:

Anything from Warren Smith – “Another Jesus Calling”

“A Time of Departing” &

“For Many Shall Come in my Name”  http://lighthousetrails.com

“Spellbound –  The Paranormal Seduction of Today’s Kids”

Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/kdqz4

Barnes & Noble: http://tinyurl.com/escjy

The Other Side of the River             http://lighthousetrails.com

Kevin Reeves in the “The Other Side of the River” bravely tells of his own experience about the movement called the “The River” which claims to be spreading the kingdom of God through signs and wonders. Other names for this counterfeit “revival” is the Third Wave or the Latter Rain.

He covers issues he experienced in his church such as being “slain” in the spirit, holy laughter, visions of angels and “messages” from God?, word of faith, and experience over scripture. What I found very interesting was the compulsion he felt to stay within a church that felt it was on “the cutting edge” and the resistance he received whenever he questioned any of the practices.  His story is amazing and if you have any questions about practices in your church you should read this book.

Lately I have been talking with a woman who has come out of a false ministry.   It has been three years and she is still recovering. She is so very worried about the others still involved because she knows those still there are being deceived. Later she told me that even though she memorized scripture, did bible studies, she was still deceived. Others there who have mental problems seem to only fall deeper into their sin.

Another friend is totally out of the new age practices and she is walking only with the Lord now. She had a blend of Christianity and mysticism, (visions, meditation, altered states) for awhile but now holds true to the faith.

Another woman wrote to say that she had been deceived by the many false teachings on TBN but came to the truth. (I believe that there a few good people on TBN but they do not correct the false teachings so they can stay on air)

I get so discouraged at times, but then the Lord brings to mind those who He has brought out of deception, those whose eyes He has opened, and I am encouraged again.