This woman kept e-mailing me because I had been searching online for other Christians who have had an earthquake warning similar to mine and she was answering my inquiry.  I felt bad because I had initiated contact with her group, but I felt I was being told, “STAY AWAY FROM THEM.”   So…I asked myself…..who are “them”?

Dominionism was one of the first  end-time deceptions that I became acquainted with.  I still really don’t understand all of it because it involves so many different groups of people and it is a system based on change and networking.  Yes, change. Chaos even.  In fact the more chaos the better.  Why? It bands people together, just like 9/11. It makes the people cry, “Do something”. When you see or hear the terms restoration or reformation used in reference to create some kind of  change in the church there usually is  dominionism behind it.

Here are the names of some movements that need to be questioned and this is an extremely shortened version.

Latter Rain

Joel’s Army/The Manifest Sons of God

The New Apostolic Reformation

The Elijah List

Here is a good description of the Latter Rain movement by Orrel Steinkamp.


 This is from

Deception in the Church

by Orrel Steinkamp

The Plumbline contends that the original seedbed of spiritual warfare evangelism can be found in the fertile soil of the Latter Rain.  From this seed plot of 50 years ago, many hybrids and mutations have developed.

The Latter Rain originated in a series of revival meetings in 1948 at the Sharon Orphanage and Schools in North Battelford, Sask., Canada.  By late 1949 the AOG, in the USA and Canada, declared this movement to be heretical and false.

– A Summary of Latter Rain Teaching –

1. The purpose of the church is to establish on the earth the kingdom of God.  The reason the church has failed its mandate, is that early on it lost the offices of Apostle and prophets.

2. In the last days God will restore these offices to lead the church in an endtime holy war and all evil will be defeated.

3. A worldwide revival will break out and the majority of the world will be won to Christ.  Signs and wonders will include blessings upon those whom the apostles and prophets bless and cursing upon those whom they curse.  Through intense worship and praise (Tabernacle of David) accompanied by prayer, fasting and spiritual warfare the church will defeat all demonic strongholds and territorial spirits upon the earth and in the heavens.

4. Some adherents of the Latter Rain (though by no means all) believe that the second coming of Jesus will occur with a spiritual experience of believers in which believers are incarnated into the body of Christ upon the earth.  This body of Christ will rule the nations.  Others in the movement saw the church taking dominion over the earth as a prelude to the return of Jesus from heaven to earth.


The above summary covers a huge arena of false teachings and practices.

JOEL’S ARMY (The Prophetic Message) : “God is raising up an army in the last days to execute judgment and dominion on the Earth”.  This is what the false prophets are saying, that the church will become Christ, giving them supernatural abilities (The Manifest Sons of God), to hand out judgment. When this is done then Christ can return to Earth. This completely eliminates the literal “catching away” or “rapture”.  Much of this teaching was taken up by present day “apostles” Paul Cain, (who has been disgraced of late by counts of alcoholism and homosexuality), and Mike Bickle, who are continuing in the  tradition of the Kansas City Fellowship movement.  Bickle is now head of IHOP, International House of Prayer in Kansas City.  I have been told that Bickle’s church has been marginalized  and is considered a cult by the locals, but he has a program on GOD TV.

Again we see that man is taking on God-like qualities and that man will have to “take over” for Jesus.  This is the same Dominion/Kingdom Now error being taught.


From a brochure advertising a C. Peter Wagner’s conference.

“The New Apostolic Reformation is an extraordinary work of the Holy Spirit that is changing the shape of Christianity globally.  It is truly a new day! The Church is changing. New names! New methods! New worship expressions! The Lord is establishing the foundation of the Church for the new Millennium. This foundation is built upon apostles and prophets.  Apostles execute and establish God’s plan on the earth”.

Wagner has also been an aggressive promoter of the Spiritual Warfare movement.  The terms “strategic-level intercession”, “territorial spirits and mapping”, “prayerwalking” and “demon power encounter”, can be traced back to Wagner.

Giving the current-day so-called apostles and prophets (the foundation of the new church) the importance of the early apostles, allows them to create a new gospel.  Their revelations are pumped out on a regular basis  on the Eijah list.  Chuck Pierce, Kim Clement, Ryan Wyatt, Bob Jones, Francis Frangipane, and Cindy Jacobs are all contributors and are considered false prophets.

The proposed five-fold ministry is quite interesting.  The offices are Apostle – Prophet – Evangelist – Pastor – Teacher. Of course the latter 3 offices are  totally controlled by the Apostle – Prophet offices.  We are already hearing current leaders referring to each other as “apostles” and “prophets”.  It is by this means that the church will be controlled.  The church will be told what to believe by the evangelists, pastors, and teachers, who will be dominated by those in authority, who of course will be receiving new “revelations”.   Add to this, the concept of small cell churches all reporting and tithing to a “mother” church and you will have a pretty good idea of what the new “spiritual” leaders of the future have in the works for total control and manipulation.

A quote from C. Peter Wagner of Global Harvest Ministries

“Since 2001, the body of Christ has been in the Second Apostolic Age. The apostolic/prophetic goverment of the church is now in place….We began to build our base by locating and identifying with the intercessory prayer movements.  This time, however, we feel that God want us to start governmentally, connecting with the apostles of the region.  God has already raised up for us a key apostle in one of the strategic nations of the Middle East, and other apostles are already coming on board.  Once we have the apostles in place, we will then bring the intercessors and the prophets into the inner circle and we will end up with the spiritual core we need to move ahead for retaking the dominion that is rightfully ours.   (11/01/05, Global Link newsletter Global Harvest Ministries, Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Okay….. so who was the “them”  that I was warned about?

I was contacted by a regional director of a Latter Rain ministry, full of signs and wonders manifestations. Take a look at their website.

Their featured writer is usually Dutch Sheets who partners with C. Peter Wagner

Dutch Sheets is the Senior Pastor of Springs Harvest Fellowship in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he has pastored for twelve years. He has served on the faculty of Christ for the Nations Institute, now serves as an instructor for Christian Life School of Theology and is a guest lecturer for Wagner Leadership Institute. He serves on many ministry boards and is a best selling author with Regal Books (a division of Gospel Light). He has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Central America, Africa, Australia, and much of Europe teaching and ministering to the Body of Christ. He is now traveling across America challenging believers for passionate prayer and world-changing revival.

So as usual, Dominionism falls into the same category as spiritual mysticism and the practice of making oneself a God. This pattern repeats itself over and over again in many false movements today. Man will not live by faith alone like the Bible instructs, so he  feels he has to try to change God’s will or change circumstances here on earth to his liking, just to satisfy his own self-inflated ego.


PS… There is something I would like to add.  This article is so short that is really does not do the subject matter any justice at all.  All I want to do is warn Christians about false ministries and then they can do further research.  I met two amazing women at a Discernment-Ministries seminar in February.  They are Jewel Grewe and Sarah Leslie.  They have been researching dominionism since the 80’s.

Check out these two sites for their imput and their great service to the Lord.