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Governor Rick Perry’s “The Response” prayer rally is, if nothing else, revealing the growing political influence of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) evangelists. These are people who believe they have supernatural powers and the divine authority to rule over “the nations.” The prayer rally is a snippet of a widespread, well-organized movement.

The NAR evangelists embrace “seven mountains dominionist theology,” a belief that Christians must dominate seven “mountains” of culture which include church/religion, family, education, arts and entertainment, business/finance, media and government. Emerging as a leader of this movement is a group that calls itself The Oak Initiative, which seeks to reshape the culture and “to work on every level where government is found, from the most local to state and national levels.”

A number of The Oak Initiative’s board members are involved with Perry’s prayer rally and, in a recent newsletter, the group announced its latest goals:

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Make sure to watch the video about Rick Joyner

“Joyner also claims that he has transcended time and space by mysteriously popping from one city to another.”

Anyone that has appeared on Sid Roth’s show is a false teacher, participates in false teaching, or is deceived by false teaching.

Analyzed, Examined, and Found Wanting

by Bud Press, Director

Christian Research Service

January 19, 2009 




‘Angel feathers’ in their caps 


Question: Who made the following statement? Patricia King? Benny Hinn? Todd Bentley? Pastor David Jones? Joshua Mills? Bill Johnson?

Angels often send us little reminders of their presence as angel feathers, which are small white feathers. These seem to appear from nowhere when we are down and in need of comfort. I remember sitting in a café, watching the rain falling on the pavement outside and feeling blue. Suddenly, a small white feather floated down in front of me and landed on my table. I smiled, knowing the angels were around me, with their comforting presence. [emp. theirs]



For the answer to this question read the extensive research done by Bud Press



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