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For the average person, every day it is the same thing. We wake up, go to work, go home, eat dinner have a bit of leisure time and go to bed. This is not bad in itself because we are to work for a living and not be a burden to society. So this is part of life that we must accept and be glad of it. We are to work with our hands, mind our own business, and be a blessing to others.

So what has happened?

I was looking at a photograph of our living room when I was a young girl. The room simply consisted of a sofa, coffee and end tables, Hi-Fi (a speaker cabinet with a record player and radio), TV and one of those pole lamps. That was it. Maybe a picture on the wall. We were not poor, this was just average. How different is the home of today.

I have to wonder why it has become so important to have the best framed piece of art in the neighborhood. The most expensive car. The house with the most columns or turrets. Not only do we have to have the best “things” on the market, we NEED the lastest technology. Actually we are controlled by the constant advancements of new products on the horizon because the older stuff becomes obsolete and unusable. What a ploy and effective technique this is to get our dollars.

I guess it pretty much goes without too much ado that money is what rules our lives. Money and what it acquires has become our God. But “I need these things” you say…..true there are things we do need, and God says that He will provide for His children. He says not to worry about food, shelter, and clothing. You might notice He does not say anything about retirement funds, the lastest cell phone, or a Mercedes Benz.

If we begin to worship things instead of God, we will be dealt with as individuals and as a nation. When money becomes a God to us, we will see  judgment from God by the way He destroys our false gods. This is done in order to turn us away from our false gods and to turn us back to the true and living God, Jesus Christ. 

In the study of Moses and the plagues that befell Pharaoh and the Egyptians, there is some very interesting information. The plagues happened to discredit the gods that the Egyptians worshiped. Pharaoh himself was associated with the sun god Ra.

The Egyptians worshiped many gods but mainly they represented three areas of their lives, the Nile river, the land and the sky. So lets looks at the judgments and what they represented to the people of Egypt.

1. The Nile turns to blood.  – The people worshiped the Nile river as it’s waters provided drinking water, they bathed in it and it watered their livestock and crops. God turned the water to blood and all the fish died and it stank.

2. Frogs covered the Land – The people worshiped the frogs especially the frog god Heket, and they could not kill them. The frogs died and lay in rotting heaps.

3. The dust of the land became lice or gnats. – There was a god of the soil named Geb. But the dust became lice and they plagued the people.

4. Flies broke out and ruined the land. – Many insects were identified with the gods and were worshiped but these flies harmed the land. The flies only afflicted the Egyptians.

5. Their livestock died. – Bulls and cows were woshiped. There was a bull god Apis and Hathor, a cow of fertility. Also there is the Ram god Amun. God destroyed these gods of the people.


6. The plague of the boils – The Egyptians were themselves inflicted this time.

7. The hailstorm. – Now the next three judgments are against the gods of the sky. The hailstorm ruined crops and those who feared the Lord took their animals to shelter.

8. The plague of the Locusts. – The locusts came from the sky and ate whatever the hailstorm did not destroy.

9.  The darkness. – The god of the sun RA could not overcome this plague and God shows how He is the true God.

God judged and plagued all who would not acknowledge Him.

Who or what comes first in your life? Are you putting your money, investments, retirement funds before the Lord? If you are… you will surely feel the sting and pain of the days to come.

The fiasco we are seeing today in the financial sectors are orchestrated to bring about loss of freedom to the American people. We gladly will give up our freedoms and let the government intervene if only our monies are secure. Our sovereignty is at stake here but the money is more important. Safety of one’s 401 retirement fund is a driving force of what the public will endure. And these stocks are not even real. They are only perceived values which can change at any given moment. Just like the value of your home, the market value fluctuates with the times. This is what people have placed their hope and trust in.

It is easy to see what drives the American people and it is not the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ and walking in faith that He will provide. We can see that God will show us how impotent the false gods of our lives truly are by the judgments and plagues against Pharaoh and his officials. This is what we are seeing right now. Your money could be gone in an instant. Then what will you do? Is God right now showing you where your heart truly lies and what it is that you treasure most?  Are you experiencing panic or the extraordinary peace that comes only from God?

Please use this market slowdown as a marker for your life. How are you going to react to not having access to your money or losing it all? Who are you going to turn to? As the governments of the world unite to give us a temporary false sense of security, are you beginning to see the picture of our current and future oppression?

Are you asking yourself about your relationship with Jesus Christ? You should be. This is the time to be right with the Lord. We were not put on earth to own a Blackberry, we were put here to worship and serve Jesus Christ. So, is God exposing your fears because of what you may lose in earthly possessions? Is He sending a hailstorm to demolish your surroundings? Are you in darkness right now and Jesus is showing you that faith in Him is the only light?

If you are putting other gods before Jesus, like money, wealth, possessions, etc., then you are in rebellion and disobedient. Please read Exodus 7:14 – 10:20 to see how rebellion was dealt with in the past. Then go to Revelation and read about the trumpet and bowl judgments to see how current rebellion against God will be dealt with. God never changes, He is the same God we see in Exodus, and He will judge those who worship the false gods of today and tomorrow.

Imagine all your possessions gone and see what you have left. If you are walking with the Lord, He is all you will need.

I will share a quick story. My business began to decline rapidly about 18 months ago. I began to have trouble sleeping at night. A weight was felt in my soul. I wanted to sleep alot. But instead of allowing myself to fall into self-pity, I pressed on at work, read my Bible, studied to teach Bible classes, and prayed like never before. I prayed for others who may be going through similar circumstances.

A corner was turned. I began to understand that the Lord was testing me and wanting me to completely surrender my situation and lay it at His feet. Driving home last night from BSF the Lord revealed to me that I had grown immensely in faith while under the stressful circumstances He has allowed in my life. Tears welled in my eyes when I realized how much the Lord loves me enough to train me and use me for His glory.

Is God testing you right now? Is He exposing the false gods in your life to see your reaction? If so are you turning away from them? Is He asking you to turn to only Him in times of trouble? Are you praising and giving thanks to our Lord even though there is a mountain of trouble at your feet that looks impossible? God is the only one who truly has the answers. Will you seek Him today?


Our dollar bill has the eye of Horus as the capstone of the pyramid. When the capstone lands and the pyramid is complete, we should see the completion of the New World Order.

Annuit Coeptis – Announcing the birth of (1776 A.D.)

Novus Ordo Seclorem – New World Order

So our dollar bill announced the birth of the New World Order in the United States in 1776.

The seal is also full of masonic symbols and it says on either side of the eagles head,

E Pluribus Unum – One out of many

March 2023



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