A good review of this book.

The Earnest Layman

Warren Smith’s Deceived On Purpose was a book I purchased from Good Fight Ministries alongside the important rockumentary They Sold Their Souls For Rock And Roll. This book analyzes the new-age implications of the purpose-driven church. Because I spent a little over a decade in a church that was basically in that purpose-driven movement, I wanted to give this book a read. In this review, I note some of the many highlights found in this book.

It is important to know that Warren Smith and his wife came out of the New Age movement in 1984 (p. 7). In his book, Smith “offers a ‘balance’ to the largely predominant one-sided acclaim” that false teacher Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life has mainly received up until and perhaps beyond 2004 (the year Smith’s book was released; p. 9). Smith also makes an important point that because “Rick Warren’s book is…

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