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Faith Contender

Author of various works and the engine of Living Proof Ministries, Beth Moore certainly holds much influence, especially since she has reached many people with her works. As a result, many groups/people have written about her. CARM recognizes her good and her bad. The Pirate Christian Radio gang has done much work on her: Steven Kozar wrote about her “false doctrine, mysticism and impassioned frenzy” and Chris Rosebrough has reviewed a PLETHORA of her cases of narcigesis.  Michelle Lesley, in a post from 2014, states that she is slipping. Pulpit & Pen, a fire-breathing “discernment ministry”, has posted numerous articles about how people “break free” from Beth Moore (while the people do have legitimate reasons for “breaking free” from Beth Moore, the mass amount of these “break free” articles acts more like a smear campaign against Moore by Pulpit & Pen). Other…

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