This ‘n’ That

I’m thinking about taking a cue from Pope Francis. In light of the pontiff’s recent initiative to award indulgences and absolution to devout social media aficionados and fans, I thought I might try something similar. Here is what I propose:Those who have followed this blog via email or RSS for more than 3 years will receive 3 ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ cards. Those who have followed for less than 3 years will only receive one. Sorry, but longtime loyalty pays off.

Twitter followers also will benefit and will receive 2 cards apiece. Anyone who frequently ‘Favorites’ or ‘Retweets’ my mundane Twitter ponderings may receive upwards of 5 cards depending upon frequency and, of course, depending upon how many followers they themselves have on the social media site.

Now, it’s true that these cards are absolutely worthless, both in this life and in the next. But hey, what’s good enough for the Pope is good enough for me!

Before you start calculating how many useless cards you’ve racked up, take a few minutes to enjoy your week in review:

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