“Wherever they went, the apostles and the early believers made the Lord Jesus Christ the issue. This carries through the entire book of Acts. They taught and proclaimed in Jesus the resurrection (4:2), they gave powerful testimony to the resurrection of Jesus (4:33), they taught and preached Jesus as the Messiah (5:42), they preached the good news about Jesus’ name (8:12), told the good news about Jesus (v.35), proclaimed Jesus as the Son of God (9:20), proved that Jesus was the Messiah (v. 22), preached boldly in Jesus’ name (v. 27), preached the good news of peace through Jesus as Lord of all (10:36), preached Jesus as Lord (11:20), proclaimed Jesus as Messiah (17:3), testified that Jesus was the Messiah (18:5), showed by the Scriptures that Jesus was the Messiah (18:28), testified to all about faith in Jesus (20:21), spoke about faith in Jesus (20:24), asserted that Jesus was alive (25:19), tried to convince Jews about Jesus from the Scriptures (28:23), and taught about Jesus with boldness (28:31–the last verse in the book.)”

“When we come to be gripped by the truth that Jesus is Lord, everything in our lives begins to shift. How we think, evaluate, cherish, make decisions, relate: Everything begins to change. There is a seismic shift, a sea change, and it echoes through every day of the rest of our lives. That shift both is, and is caused by repentance.”

“Genuine repentance–a genuinely changed  mind- would issue, without fail, in a changed life.”

“Jesus was the aim and heart of their message.”

Dan Phillips

The World-Tilting Gospel

Chapter 7

First Towering Truth: Declared Righteous: Justificaton