I am reading and studying  Psalm 119 and finding that I could spend an enormous amount of time in this chapter. I am being deeply moved by the desire of David for God to teach him, to cause him to understand His Word and to be given the ability to obey God’s decrees and laws “to the end.”

Also I am enjoying some of the major and well-known biblical pastors and teachers we see on the internet and in our bible-believing churches but still…..I hunger to simply read God’s Word and to let the Holy Spirit convict, instruct and teach me.

Thinking on these things this morning, I came across this article from Mkala’s Korner, and I wish to share it with you.

 Starving in the Wilderness? Not at All.

Yesterday my husband and I met with a group of believers from various places via Skype to have a little study time, to pray and get to know each other. Most of us are out of the visible church, some left on our own, some were asked to leave. Imagine, being kicked out of the assembly of believers because you point out the truth to the leadership. It happens.

Will God leave us to starve in the wilderness? No. As crazy as it sounds, the opposite has proven to be true. In the effort and process to reveal the false doctrines of our time, and all that subject entails, the more I have grown in my own faith. It is in the times of study – the chasing after the truth as if it were gold has proven more precious and more valuable than any time I spent warming a pew. Don’t get me wrong. If the pastor you hear every week can present the truth of the gospel without allowing in the wiggly worms, stay there in the fellowship. I am not against church as a whole. I am against the thing it has become – yes “the thing” – a morphing into a shape and sound it was never intended.

So, let me encourage you. If you have come to that place and have found yourself out-churched, please understand that God has led you to this place to teach you who He truly is, and all that He has for you to become.

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Starving in the Wilderness? Not at All..