This article just posted by Bud Press simply amazed me because of its timing.

We have been studying the Book of John and I have been focused and fascinated on the various ways that Jesus delivers truth to those He speaks with.

Jesus turned to two disciples who were trailing Him in John 1:37,”What do you want?’  What a loaded question! They spent the entire day with Him. Can you imagine the joy?

Nicodemus was probably shocked when he heard that he had to be born again. He must have been first perplexed because he was a respected teacher of the law, and he was born Jewish. He slowly left Jesus that night, but we come to learn later in the Book of John that he did later believe. Here was an esteemed teacher but there is no evidence that as a teacher he converted anyone.

Contrast Nicodemus, with the Samaritan woman who was despised by the Jews. Upon believing she ran back into town and spread the news and many were saved.

But I wanted to point out HOW  Jesus approached the Samaritan woman. He asked her a question, “Will you give me a drink?” John 4:7  Isn’t this rather odd, because Jesus is the one who gives out living water. But He approached her with a humble attitude. He asked her for a service,which quickly took away any barrier that may have existed between them.

When we witness truth to others, the Holy Spirit will guide us. Every situation may be a bit different and the Lord will give us the words to speak. Whether we ask those who seek God, “What do you want?”, “Are you born again?” or “Will you help me?”, the truth must be eventually given out. The gospel message never changes, but the method and circumstances in which we give it out can. Please pray that the Lord will give discernment to recognize opportunities to  boldly share  the Word with others.

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Frustrated with False Teachers?

by Bud Press, Director

Christian Research Service

October 28, 2009

Two Scriptures in 1st and 2nd Timothy speak with great force concerning what Christians are to expect before Jesus Christ returns:

•people will fall away from the faith, pay attention to demonic spirits, and choose to rely on false teachings instead of God’s written word (1 Timothy 4:1).

•people will turn away from sound doctrine and truth, develop their own faulty interpretations of Scripture, seek and find those who agree with them, and rely on lies to feed their corrupt spirituality (2 Timothy 4:3-4).

Remember that 1st and 2nd Timothy were written about 2,000 years ago by the Apostle Paul, inspired of the Holy Spirit. Notice the words shall and will in both passages (NASB and KJV). Fast-forward to 2009 and know that one of the warning signs of the end times is a dizzying array of heretics, and their dizzy minds full of charms, whistles, and gimmicks.

Indeed, the shall and will is here and now, and “Christian” bookstores lead the pack in the promotion and sale of doctrines of demons, authored by heretical wigglers who have turned their backs on God to seek fortune and fame.

An ‘unusual’ approach

During a visit to a Christian bookstore years ago, I came upon a shelf filled with books written by Benny Hinn. While thumbing through one of the books, the store manager walked by and asked if I needed assistance.

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