I was excited to find this article as I have been concentrating on Psalms 37 of late. The world is spinning out of control and many websites have been publishing some truths and some exaggerations that are causing fear among the believing. Concentration camps, swine flu, bank holidays, a planned terrorist attack are all issues we need to be aware of, but how should we deal with unknown fears?

Excerpts from “Things We Know”

I don’t think there’s one single unbiased information source left in this country. Everyone’s pushing some kind of agenda. The middle ground seems to have totally eroded away, and people on both sides are becoming just plain mean to anyone who disagrees with them.

– People will take to the streets this fall in rebellion against the government’s attempt to make flu shots mandatory.

– The coming commercial real estate and credit card melt downs will be the worst yet.

 So let’s take a moment to review what we can know and focus on that.

 We Know This……

And We Know This….

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