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The Hidden Agenda of The Order of the Mustard Seed
Here are two excerpts
Peter Grieg of the 24-7 Prayer Movement, an international, ecumenical movement laced with Gnostic, New-Age, and Contemplative spirituality, is reviving the 17th century Order of the Mustard Seed and encouraging members to take a lifelong vow of commitment. This commitment to the vows of the Order, are to be symbolized with a ring or tattoo. ……….
 Dominionists possess a radical socio-political agenda, and like a well oiled military machine, they are well organized and financed, and their network vast. Their ultimate socio-political goal is a One World Church and a New World Order. They believe they will go forth like a vast army, yielded to the authority of the New Apostles, and conquer and subdue the world’s Kingdoms’ for Christ, and usher in the millennial reign. These Kingdoms consist of all social and political institutions and those who do not wish to be ruled will be slaughtered for the good of the rest.  With the world under their complete dominion they will hand over dominion to Christ so that he may return to earth. However, the Bible makes it clear that at the time of Christ’s return the earth will be in complete and utter chaos and His return will prevent what would otherwise be the complete annihilation of the world in the Great Tribulation. This doctrine of Dominionism makes the Church the Savior of the world, and not Jesus Christ. Christ alone can institute God’s rule on earth.
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