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I like to jump around on other people’s posts on facebook. Going down the rabbit holes, or finding the source of one’s inspiration is very telling of the spirituality they speak of. For instance I bounced around to a site that had the title:

Theological/philosophical/cultural/spiritual thoughts about God and the Real Jesus.

Oh,  this person has found the Real Jesus. Let’s see!  I had only to scroll down about 7-8 articles to find what he wrote:

Thomas Merton has written: “Keeping a journal has taught me that there is not so much new in the interior life as one sometimes thinks. When you reread your journal you find out that your newest discovery is something you found out five years ago. Still, it is true that one penetrates deeper and deeper into the same ideas, the same experiences.” (Merton, Thomas (2007).

Growing deeper and deeper into Christ and His love is to discover new things about the same thing. I think that if you and I were more mastered by Christ’s love it would be life overwhelming, life overflowing.

Today stick to the basics, the most foundational of which is: Love.

Ah….Thomas Merton…. So let’s take a good look at Merton. Lighthouse Trails Research has this good article about him titled:

Thomas Merton – Contemplative, Mystic, Panentheist.

Article HERE

Here are a couple of quotes from Thomas Merton.

“It is a glorious destiny to be a member of the human race, … now I realize what we all are …. If only they [people] could all see themselves as they really are …I suppose the big problem would be that we would fall down and worship each other … At the center of our being is a point of nothingness which is untouched by sin and by illusions, a point of pure truth … This little point …is the pure glory of God in us. It is in everybody.”

FROM A TIME OF DEPARTING BY RAY YUNGEN (quoting Thomas Merton, Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander (1989 edition, 157-158)

“I see no contradiction between Buddhism and Christianity … I intend to become as good a Buddhist as I can.”

(David Steindl-Rast, “Recollection of Thomas Merton’s Last Days in the West” (Monastic Studies, 7:10, 1969)

There is no way I can trust this person’s claim that they know the real Jesus when they are following false teachings.






oTohomas Merton – Contemplative, Mystic, Panentheist Thomas Merton – Contemplative, Mystic, Panentheist

Often I hear Christians quote famous sayings from outside biblical sources. Some are fine but others make me cringe. For instance, once I read in a church bulletin a quote from Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau came from a family of Unitarians, criticized the church during his life, was a panentheist, was into Hinduism and Buddhism, and argued that all religions are legitimate. He was quoted as saying during the last years of his life, “A snowstorm was more to him than Christ.” Yet he is quoted in a church bulletin?
My biblical basis for rejecting philosophers is Colossians 2:8
“Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men, after rudiments of the world and not after Christ.”
Anything that leads us into a worldview and away from a biblical view, removes the impact of God’s word.



Question: “What is pantheism?” Pantheism is the view that God is everything and everyone and that everyone and everything is God. Pantheism is similar to polytheism (the belief in many gods), but goes beyond polytheism to teach that everything is God. A tree is God, a rock is God, an animal is God, the sky is God, the sun is God, you are God, etc. Pantheism is the supposition behind many cults and false religions (e.g., Hinduism and Buddhism to an extent, the various unity and unification cults, and “mother nature” worshippers).


Does the Bible teach pantheism? No, it does not. What many people confuse as pantheism is the doctrine of God’s omnipresence. Psalm 139:7-8 declares, “Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.” God’s omnipresence means He is present everywhere. There is no place in the universe where God is not present. This is not the same thing as pantheism. God is everywhere, but He is not everything. Yes, God is “present” inside a tree and inside a person, but that does not make that tree or person God. Pantheism is not at all a biblical belief.

The clearest biblical arguments against pantheism are the countless commands against idolatry. The Bible forbids the worship of idols, angels, celestial objects, items in nature, etc. If pantheism were true, it would not be wrong to worship such an object, because that object would, in fact, be God. If pantheism were true, worshipping a rock or an animal would have just as much validity as worshipping God as an invisible and spiritual being. The Bible’s clear and consistent denunciation of idolatry is a conclusive argument against pantheism.


Question: “What is panentheism?”Related to Process Theology, panentheism is essentially a combination of theism (God is the supreme being) and pantheism (God is everything). While pantheism says that God and the universe are coextensive, panentheism claims the God is greater than the universe and that the universe is contained within God. Panentheism holds that God is the “supreme effect” of the universe. God is everything in the universe, but God also is greater the universe. Events and changes in the universe effect and change God. As the universe grows and learns, God also increases in knowledge and being.


Panentheism is most definitely not biblical. In fact, it is extreme heresy that impugns the character of God and makes Him more like a man. God is present everywhere (Psalm 139:7-8), but God is not everything. God knows everything, whether actual or possible (Psalm 139:1-6; Romans 11:33-35). God does not learn because He already has all knowledge. God is “affected” by things that occur in the universe, but only in that sin angers Him and holiness pleases Him. Our actions do not change God or impact His essential being.

The Bible presents God as holy (Isaiah 6:3; Revelation 4:8), sovereign (1 Chronicles 29:11; Nehemiah 9:6; Psalm 83:18; Isaiah 37:20), omnipresent (Psalm 139:7-10), omniscient (Job 28:24; Psalm 147:4-5), omnipotent (Job 42:1-2), self-existent (Exodus 3:14; Psalm 36:9), eternal (Psalm 90:2; Habakkuk 1:12), immutable (Psalm 33:11; James 1:17), perfect (Deuteronomy 32:3-4), and infinite (Job 5:9; 9:10). None of these attributes are compatible with panentheism. God transcends all of His creation, and is in no sense limited or changed by events in His Creation.

Recommended Resource: Jesus Among Other gods by Ravi Zacharias.



As Christians we need to be aware of how the world is quickly changing and how fast the new spirituality is emerging. Here in America we are known as a Christian nation…but are we really?

Many are turning to odd and mystical religious systems, because they seek  “The Fundamental power they have within.”


Huna is the modern or Western label given to the ancient healing and spiritual shamanism of ancient Hawai’i. In these pages you will find teachings that were once secret and carefully guarded.

– Connect with your Higher Self

– Access Universal Sources of Energy

– Awaken your Spiritual Evolution

• Introduction to ancient symbols
• Higher Self Connection
• Hakalau: the shaman state

This video starts with the statement “When God created the world…”,  but the end of the video shows the people drumming and chanting. This has nothing to do with the God of the Holy Bible.

Listen and hear a woman say, “…undeniable harmony, and that has to come from within.”  Then another..”there’s spirits in everything, in the mountain, in the rock or the stone, or in everything or the tree.”

This is panentheism – That God is in all things.

When people resort to shamanism and easily accept it….the time is short for the return of Lord Jesus Christ.

The statement on one of their photos says ” There are many paths to personal transformation.”

Those who know scripture will recognize  the “many paths” statement as false.

John 14:6  Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

The world is being prepared for a new spirituality. Cling to the Lord Jesus Christ and do not deny Him by seeking god in rocks or trees or looking within.  Jesus is at the right hand of the Father.

Col 3:1    If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.


Looking within yourself  to find God, is the oldest trick in the book. Which book? Genesis.  The serpent told Adam and Eve this lie, “For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” 

See also: Morningstar Ministries delving into paganism. This one is actually worse.

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