In the past, I remember being warned that certain events were about to happen, a nuclear event, bank holidays, 2012, attacks on the US, etc. These things simply did not happen. They did create a fear in me. Researching the sources led me to discredit these men and their $$$ ministries. Many are survivalists stirring up a perceived need for their products, DVD’s, food storage, knives, seeds, etc. Many spread their false visions and others love their fame by creating misinformation. While I have no illusions about this groaning world and its increase of SIN as it is laid out in scripture…..I do not listen to the false prophets. If they are wrong only ONCE… we are not to listen or fear them.


How conspiracy theories are detrimental to a Christian’s spiritual health

Do not say, “a conspiracy,” concerning all that this people call a conspiracy, nor be afraid of their threats or be troubled. (Isaiah 8:12)

As I have traveled over the internet super-highway, I will occasionally drive by websites dedicated to the promotion of some elaborate conspiracy theory. Just like the attractions along the side of the road promising to show anyone willing to stop such glorious curiosities as the world’s largest gum ball or genuine baby Bigfoot skeletons, those conspiracy websites promise that if you are willing to open your eyes, read all the facts, and connect all the dots, you too will be awakened to the truth of reality.

Now, before I go on, it may be helpful to define what I mean by a conspiracy theory.

A “conspiracy” is simply defined as a “planning together…

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