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By James Montgomery Boice

Joseph was a true pilgrim. Abraham had lived in the highlands of Canaan, refusing to descend, as Lot did, to the cities of the plain. Isaac had lived in the grassy land to the south. Jacob had removed to Hebron, refusing to mingle with the people of the land. Joseph was in Egypt–a very different situation. He was in the midst of utter paganism; but it was where God had put him. And because God had put him there and he remained close to God, he was able to live in Egypt and be uncontaminated by it. He was on God’s side.

Most of us are like Joseph. We do not have the luxury of a detached existence. We are in the melting pot of life. and we sometimes think that because our lives are busy and our environments secular, we cannot live for God as “spiritual” people do. If we are inclined to think that way, we should remember Joseph. Joseph was surrounded by every secular pressure. He was a citizen of the world. But his conduct throughout his entire life, as well as his dying words, proved that he did not live for the material things life can bring, but for God and his kingdom and glory. If Joseph lived like that in his circumstances, we can live for God in ours. We can endure and triumph as those who eyes see things that are invisible. 

Joseph is remembered in the Word of God, and he is with God today in glory.

Genesis Volume III – Living by Faith

Chapter 179

The Faith of  Joseph

pp. 1269-70

February 2023



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