Note to hotel managers: unless you want it to be altered forever, remove that Bible from Sir Ian McKellen‘s bedside drawer before he shows up.

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In a Q&A with Details  magazine,the openly gay ‘Lord of the Rings’ star admits to a habit of tearing out the Bible passage that condemns homosexuality — Leviticus 18:22 — every time he finds one in his hotel room. The passage: “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.” “I’m not proudly defacing the book,” he asserts, “but it’s a choice between removing that page and throwing away the whole Bible.”

Contrast that excerpt with this one:


The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America in convention went for the trifecta in affirming homosexuality. The liberal Lutherans ruled that homosexual sex is moral, allowed churches to bless gay unions, and allowed non-celibate gays to be pastors. In each case, the approval applies only to “monogamous” relationships. The new policy does not address gay marriage as such. The only church body that does affirm gay marriage is the United Church of Christ. Still, the news service Reuters, linked above, says that the ELCA now has one of the most liberal policies about homosexuality of any other American church body.

Oh….there is no contrast.. is there?