UPDATE: I AM NO LONGER ATTENDING  BSF. I am waiting to see if the issues are being addressed by headquarters.


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I am enrolled in BSF and this year’s study of the book of John starting in September 2009, will be my 7th year. This will be my third year as a children’s leader.

It is an eight-year study and the program is this,  Israel and the Minor Prophets, Acts of the Apostles, Genesis, Romans, Matthew, The Life of Moses and  John  (Isaiah is in the works.) You can join in at any time by attending an introduction class at the beginning of each month.  Each year coincides with the school year as there is also a children’s program offered. 

The classes are held in a church and you have the option of day or night classes for women and men. There is also a class for single adults 18-35 in the evening.  Women teach the women’s class and men teach the men’s class.  I teach in the children’s program on a Monday night.  The adult class starts with a general assembly for prayer and greetings and then we are dismissed to meet with our assigned discussion group.  Here we go over the questions that we answered throughout the week.  This study is based on answering questions and reading your Bible daily. There are general questions about the passage we are studying, challenge questions which means we can to go any verse in the Bible to answer the question and personal questions.  We do not have to answer or share the challenge or personal questions if we prefer not to. 

After we have finished we write down each others prayer requests, if we have any, that we have submitted to the discussion leader during the week. Next we regather to attend a lecture on the subject matter we have just studied. 

The lecture and teaching  is expository which means that the Word of God is examined verse-by-verse, with applications applying the text to our lives under the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. Powerful.

On departure we receive the notes that recaps the lesson and the questions for the next week.

Now..it takes a committment to stay in this study.  It is best to do the questions, every day or night, whatever time you have set aside for the Lord to study his word. If you try to do it all right before the class you will be defeated because its purpose is to keep you in the Word every day.  Sometimes I will do two study periods in one day because of a commitment I have to keep, but I try to never let myself get more than one to two days behind or ahead at any given time.

BSF is VERY structured.   It is structured to be on time and to flow smoothly.  I could not appreciate this more as a working person, i can count on BSF starting at 6:55 pm and ending at 8:45 pm.

 BSF has switched from the KJV to the NIV. Now I know that all other translations are to be watched carefully but I use both my NIV and KJV during the study. We have been told that we can use any translation during class that we prefer. I have read most of the side-by-side comparisions of the different translations. 

But I have found that the lessons are not watered-down.  Every week I am inspired to live my life for the Lord, to commit myself for His service, to discover His will for me and follow it with all my heart, and as instructed by the Lord Jesus Christ, to share the Gospel with others. 

The Gospel message is kept pure in BSF and the teaching FUNDAMENTAL. BSF teaches the Bible is inerrant and God’s Word sufficient.  We only have one book…the Bible to study. No outside influences, no fancy videos or DVD’s, just study of the Word and how it applies to our lives.  

I highly recommend BSF as it encourages daily Bible study, strengthens one’s walk with the Lord, and prepares you for your own personal ministry.  Please come and join us. 

The first meeting in my area is September 14th on Monday night 6:55 pm.  The days may differ in your own area. The first two classes of the year are introduction classes which means you can attend just to see if you like it.  There are introduction classes throughout the year. Usually the first class of the month. You get a class of your own to find out more about BSF and then you can stay for the lecture.  There is no childcare for those attending the introductions so you will have to make other arrangements till you sign up. 

Look here at this link to check if there is a BSF class in your area.


Also look here


 Also, the questions are available on line if you are a registered member.

….I cannot give you the questions, you have to go here.